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  • I’ve searched with no luck to find an answer to my question:
    Is there a way to share pricing and other information for variations across multiple products with woo commerce?

    I’m working on a site to sell art prints, and they will all have the same two size and ten paper options. I’m hoping I don’t have to enter the same forty variations’ information for all two hundred prints!

    Thanks for any help you can suggest–

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  • I meant the same twenty options, not forty, but it would still be a lot!

    I am looking for the exact same feature for the same purpose but selling photographs. I have created global settings for size and format of each image but I still have to go into each variation to enter the individual prices. This will be huge because every week there are new photographs to enter.
    I too would appreciate any help for this.

    I found a paid option for bulk processing, but I’m hoping there’s another way. Anyone with woocommerce experience out there adding identical variations to multiple products?



    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Does each option have a different cost, or stock? Or are they all the same?

    Hi Mike– Each option has the same cost from print to print (so an 18×24 on stretched canvas would be the same cost, regardless of the image selected).

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I mean for your variations. I was going to say, if all variations are the same, you don’t need to make X variations – you can have one per variable product.

    If however each variable product must have multiple variations with different prices, you would need to create them all. There is no bulk edit.

    However, 3 notes:

    1) Lucas, one of the developers working with us, is making an extension which does what you want. We expect this to be ready in a month or so.

    2) You can possibly speed up product creation using a CSV import plugin

    3) OR you can create a single product as a ‘template’ and then use the ‘duplicate’ feature to make products with the same variations.

    What’s the best way to find out when Lucas’ extension is available? Will there be a post about it here?

    I think I’ll be able to do most of what I need for the short-term with duplicating products, but I’m sure there will be a need in the future to modify variations without re-creating all the products.

    Thanks for your help Mike–

    Looking forward to the plug-in from Lucas! Thanks for the help too.

    One of the ways I ‘almost’ got this to work was to use global settings for the variables and made a product called ‘print’. I then just used the add to cart button next to the image in the post. The only problem with this was when you went to the cart there wasn’t the image of which print you were purchasing. Is there some way to grab the image in the post and dynamically add it as the product image?


    So is there a way to create sets of product options that can be assigned to multiple products? Can rules or behaviors be applied to products that use the option set?

    Is it possible to create an option set for say posters that would have options ‘framed with glass’, ‘framed with plexiglass’, ‘unframed’. Apply that option set to all poster products, and set or adjust price for all poster products based on option selected?

    In example above “Each option has the same cost from print to print (so an 18×24 on stretched canvas would be the same cost, regardless of the image selected).” were you able to find a way to do this?

    Don’t understand if it’s possible to manage options/variations (eg price) for multiple products with same options/variations together, or if you have to deal with them all individually.


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