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    I’ve just setup a WordPress multisite.
    Now, how is it possible to share users between the sites ?
    Example: ‘Tom’ registers at my main website and with the same id and password, he can login at my sub-domain.
    Many thanks in advance !


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  • icola007: “with the same id and password, he can login at my sub-domain”

    Yes. Once Tom registers/signup with a Network, he can login at any sub site. Nothing else to do after activating the usual signup.

    But you will still need to “Add Existing User” Tom to the my_sub_domain blog with a role under Users->Add New if you want Tom to see more than his profile.

    Many thanks for your help but I it doesn’t seem to work.
    When i create a test account at the main website, I still can’t login with that account on the subwebsite.
    Where do I have to ‘Add Existing User’ ?

    Go to the subsite’s dashboard. Add a new user user the Users menu

    But when a user registers, he can’t immediately login at the sub domain? I have to add him manually?

    You can use a user management plugin which can auto add users to subsites.

    One such a plugin is:

    I installed the plugin, went to my network setting and configured the default roles.
    Do I have to do anything else?
    It still doesn’t work when i register at the main website.
    And do I have to install the plugin on my subdomains or choose the ‘activate network’ at the plugin settings?

    I run this Multisite User Management plugin, but my users are not created by registration. They are created manually or are shibbolised users – I am not sure if this makes a difference or not…

    I have networked activated this plugin. Apart from setting default roles as you have done, I’ve not done anything else, and my network users appear in the subsites (only those I have set default roles for) as users with those roles.

    In the network dashboard, under sites, all sites, you can see this list of users in each site listed in the 4th column.

    When I go to ‘all sites’ I can see all the users which I created at the main website on my subdomain.
    But when I try to login with an account at the subdomain, it doesn’t work 🙁

    As super-admin, if you go to the Dashboard of any subsite (or the one that you are trying to login to as a normal user) and go to list all users – what do you see? If you see all the users in this subsite as the main site, then there must be another problem that is affecting users logging in.

    If you don’t see any normal users listed in the All Users list of that subsite, then the Multisite User Management plugin doesn’t seem to be working.

    In my network dashboard, I see all the users on all my subsites.
    If I go to a subsite, I only see me (admin).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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