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  • can anyone tell me how i could go about setting up a shared userlist between WordPress and phpBB v3.0?

    i would like to be able to have it so that if a visitor registers at the blog, they are automatically added right into the forum userlist, and vice-versa.

    i imagine im not the first to want to do this, but i havent had any luck with searches. has anyone developed a tool or plugin meant for this issue??

    thanks in advance!!!

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  • On a side note, other keywords you might like to consider are ‘wordpress phpbb integration’ or ‘wordpress phpbb bridge’. I had found a few for older versions of phpBB a little while back, but there maybe some new alternatives on google as well.

    I doubt you’re going to find anything, as both products just went through a major overhaul; phpBB 3 was released less than two months ago, while WordPress had major changes to its user management effective version 2.5…

    well…after a bit more searching i managed to find this…

    …has anyone had success with this? i have alot of questions, specifically pertaining to modifying an existing blog and forum.

    I’m guessing their support forum might also offer a good chance to discuss any issues as well. It’s nice to know that it’s as recent as December 2007! 🙂 Great find!

    December 2007 is in fact ancient. Read the most recent post on, it clearly says, Updated to work with phpBB3 RC8 & WordPress 2.3.1. Since then, phpBB 3 went into production and actually had a minor upgrade (so the current version is 3.0.1) and, more importantly, WordPress 2.5 came out, containing major modifications to user management, including the new password storage using the phpass library.

    Nevertheless, if you’re inclined to try it out, let us know how it went.

    well…i did try to install WP-United. the installation went smoothly…at least according to the setup wizard that was made available via my phpBB ACP.

    the trouble i had was that i was getting database errors as soon as i tried to access my blog through the new portal set up through the phpBB Mod…/forum_root/blog.php.

    as i tried to find an existing solution in the WP-United forum and the phpBB Support Forums, i found that the developer has not even logged into either site since December of 2007, seemingly abandoning the project and offering no further support. so considering that there would be no more updates or further support, i decided to uninstall the Mod and begin searching anew.

    its a shame really. it had gotten alot of raving reviews from the phpBB users who had installed it. it did seem to be far more complicated than what i needed, but it is the only thing that i have found that offers ANY kind of phpBB/WP userlist sharing.

    Here is the code update to this mod
    and step by step instruction
    People say it works with atest versions.

    Thanks for the update, GreatStarMaster 🙂

    Here is the code update to this mod
    and step by step instruction
    People say it works with atest versions.

    And then something gets updated and your back on square one :/ The WP-United project is officially dead, how much confidence can you put on a project like that if/when lets say a major security release is needed?


    I’m sorry for bumping this topic, but I’m in need of a bridge-like thing between PHPBB and WP. As stated above, WP-united is dead, and google woudn’t give me any usefull results, but I wonder if anyone has code for sharing the userlist, or even a complete bridge.

    Thanks for your time,

    I tried installing WP-united and it caused nothing but issues. It worked about 80%. Someone else picked up the project, but it is still extremely buggy. I uninstalled it, but I think it is still causing issues with my blog.

    JAS4Yeshua has written a plugin to integrate WP / WPMU and phpBB3.

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