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  • After installing Alex King’s Share-This 1.2 plugin, everything seems to be working fine – except for the small, green icon that should be displayed next to the “Share this” text.

    All of the social networking icons are present, but the actual “Share this” image is missing.

    Searching the forums, I can’t find a fix for this issue. The README offers a solution for turning the icon off:

    Change the following in the plugin file:

    @define(‘AKST_SHOWICON’, true);


    @define(‘AKST_SHOWICON’, false);

    but the line [@define(‘AKST_SHOWICON’, true);] does not show up in my code for the plugin, so I can’t edit it. I’m a bit confused as to why the line isn’t present at all, since I haven’t altered any of the code myself.

    Help is much appreciated.

    WP Version 2.0.5
    prototype.js is installed in wp-includes/js/

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  • You’re not using version 1.2, you’re using the latest version from SVN. You’ll need to get *all* the files from SVN if you want to use them.


    Thanks for the reply. I’m going to make myself sound even more like an idiot here, but I downloaded the plugin directly from your site:

    Specifically, here:

    On my plugin management page, it is listed as version “1.2” and the source code in my plugin editor reads “Version 1.2”.

    I don’t mean to repeat all of that just to contradict you – honestly. But everything on my end indicates that I am using the correct version.

    When you say to get *all* the files from SVN, could you explain to me which files I am missing? Or could you provide a direct link to the proper version of Share This v1.2?

    Again, my apologies for sounding like an imbecile.


    Misread one of your comments above. The icon is not included in version 1.2…

    Ok. So you’re saying that there is no icon in this version at all?

    Does that mean the README instructions are holdovers from an older version, and that’s where my confusion is coming from? I guess that would make sense.

    Still, I would like to add the icon back in. It brings greater attention to the function and I am a fan of the icons you’ve developed (both of them).

    If you have just a minute, can you give me the code line(s) I would need to associate an icon with the text again? Perhaps this is more complex than just a couple of lines being reinserted. If so, then don’t worry about it.

    The plugin is excellent, I just want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

    Thanks for your help, Alex.


    The icon is included in the version currently in SVN.

    Version 1.3 has been released, it includes the icon.

    I’m having the same problem mentioned by the user above. I just downloaded and installed the most recent version of the plugin (as of today, Tue Feb 6th).

    The “Share This” links work perfectly, as you can see here:

    but the icon is not being displayed.

    I did searching online and found, downloaded that package, but the README doesn’t give instructions on where to put the icons.

    Apologies if I’m asking a silly question. I’ve searched the forums but have been unable to find info.

    Advice appreciated!

    In my blog, Share This (1.4) does work properlly, but no icons are displayed with my theme. In the reademe.txt it is said that problems with themes could occur, and then we should change things into our style.css.

    Ok, but what changes? Any information could help a lot, cound not it?

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