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    I would like to be able to write all posts to Site A, which is a central site covering all topics. I would then like to have sub domains B,C,D and E which cover specific topics to pull posts from Site A. In other words, I would only have to enter posts a single time in Site A no matter what the topic, and all other WordPress sites would be updated depending on their topic through use of tags, categories or whatever.

    I have looked at MU and at WP Hive, but haven’t seen this kind of solution. Is this possible with WordPress?

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    What about WordPress Feeds?



    Is it possible to make feeds look like a post though? I would like to be able to pull posts from the database and display them on the subdomains as posts, not the typical RSS feed that is usually in a sidebar or footer.

    I will look at RSS feeds as a solution





    That doesn’t seem to work with WordPress MU, which I think is the best option for working with subdomains.

    Also, copy-post seems to need extra actions after the initial posting of a post. I was thinking this work flow:

    1. Post on Site A
    2. the pertinent subdomain sites would pick up the post from the same database via a tag, or a category.

    So there is only the posting on one site, and because of the tags, categories or some other metadata, the subdomains would pick up the post as if it was originally posted on that site.

    Hope that makes sense. RSS appears to work on sidebars or footers, and not sure if they will appear as posts. Copy-Post doesn’t sem to work with MU, and besides needs extra actions after the origianl post.

    Thanks for all your suggestions so far.



    I use FeedWordpress. You insert RSS feeds and you can set the categories/authors posts from that feed should get. You can have them feed a draft posts, so you can review before you publish – or have them go straight to your site. The permalink of the syndicated post can point to the originating site – or to your main site.

    I used it on WPMU a while back and it worked fine. Make sure you read the instructions on radgeek’s site before you install & configure.



    That doesn’t seem to work with WordPress MU

    Might address MU questions to the MU forums:

    I have a similar question (which seems like it should be simple, but I can’t find an answer anywhere).

    I’d like to have a number of differently themed blogs using the same post data (A, B and C, let’s say) with authors choosing where the posts display.

    Eg, if a post is relevant to blog A and C, but not B, an admin user could choose a category, tag or whatever that excludes the post from blog B, but allows it to be posted on the other blogs.

    In addition, it would then be possible to restrict the posts of certain authors to their particular blogs… etc etc.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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