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  • Hello.

    This was recently asked but I have to ask again because your answer was not very ….Clear (??).

    When I click Share via Facebook for example, is the plugin set to use the Featured image as the image that is shared on Facebook? As of right now it is sharing no image at all. It is pulling up a great big gray box (missing image icon ?? ) with the post info below it and when the post is shared, said image is omitted and only the post info is shared.

    The shortcode reply is neither here nor there. It does no good. I believe it is irrelevant in this situation.

    I have dig back over a year in the support thread but going back that far I fear is beating a dead dog as the code has changed so much by now I am sure the fixes and or settings by now are irrelevant as well.

    Thanks for any help. Hope all is well and safe and healthy.

    Have a great day!

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out, I’d be happy to help here!

    Can you please provide me a little bit more information about your issue as for example some specific URLs that are being affected by this and if you don’t mind some screenshots or screen recordings displaying what the issue looks like on your side for me to review your case and provide you with a solid solution?

    Thank you,

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    Hello and thanks for the reply.

    Here is a screenshot of the situation.

    Here is a link of what I am attempting to share.

    Now this is happening to every post I attempt to share. Now to be fair, these are all archives. I do not post regularly since I am only working on this website on the side and as time allows. It is only a hobby for now. I am going to type up a current post and see if it does it ( missing image you can tell by the big grey box up top of the share post ) with a current post as well. All Posts have featured images as well as inline images that it can choose from at will.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out, I’d be happy to help here.

    For all issues related to Facebook sharing, we recommend looking into your Open Graph tags and making sure they meet their specification requirements.

    Having Facebook share the exact sharing properties you have set can get difficult at times. However, the best part of optimizing your Facebook sharing is that Facebook gives you the necessary tools to debug any open graph issue you might encounter.

    To double-check, go to and enter the URL of the page you want to debug. Facebook will then pull up any issues that they see on their end and provide the appropriate instructions on getting this fix.

    Once you insert the appropriate link, Facebook will show what they are scraping on their end and how the sharing properties will appear within their environment. The debugger will also show an error tab if you happen to forget to include a certain meta property.

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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