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  • We want to share the media library between ‘blogs’ on our multisite install so that an image or document (and meta) uploaded to one blog via media library is available for insert (and edit) to all other blogs.

    We’re using multisite to build a medium size website using different ‘blogs’ as website subsections. e.g. with blogs being,, etc

    The ideal would be to set up necessary paths in wp-config. This works fine for the upload path eg

    //  set upload directory
    define('UPLOADS', 'imagestore/allimages');
    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php');

    The problem is the ‘insert into post’ code generated when inserting media. It defaults to files/#blognumber/directory regardless of settings in ‘Edit Site’ wp-admin/ms-sites.php?action=editblog

    How Can we modify the insert code without major hacking to WP core ?

    We thought this would be a common modification but can’t find a solution out there …

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