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  • I have no idea if this is a WP or a theme or Jetpack issue, so bear with me…

    Installed WP with swiftthemes.
    Began writing posts (using no customization of look and feel, just standard settings available, except for the image size for the featured image–set it at 250×250).

    Enabled jetpack, and share button features.
    When I create a post and test “share to facebook” the left portion of the box is sometimes cut off, and won’t size right. Other times it looks great.

    But the bigger problem is that if I want to change a post for any reason–I mean any–whether it’s the title, or the image (which I tried) or SEO options, when I republish, the share shows the OLD stuff, no matter how may times I purge cache from both my browser and the site itself, and no matter how log I wait (waited a few HOURS to see if it was a cloud/FB issue). The ONLY thing that works is trashing the post and recreating it from SCRATCH then republishing. But what a PAIN! I need to be able to edit a post and have the share function not freak out, have it show the NEW content. What it does is either show the old (for me) or for other users, show NOTHING, I mean totally blank.


    Is there something to avoid when editing posts that have share enabled?

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