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  1. Bozz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Anyone working with a plugin or custom hack solution for including "Share on Social Media" functionality on a custom page, say after a form is submitted or a petition is signed?

    There are various plugins that allow for automatic sharing icons, but I require a solution that allows a specific custom message like "I just donated to the Awesome Organization, you should too! [Link to form]"

    Thanks in advance for any tips!

  2. Tarsem Singh
    Posted 2 years ago #


    <li id="twitter"><a>+<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>">Twitter</a>
    <li id="digg"><a>&title=<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>">Digg</a>
    <li id="facebook"><a>&title=<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>">Facebook</a>
    <li id="stumbleupon"><a>&title=<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>">StumbleUpon</a>
    <li id="technorati"><a>&title=<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>">Technorati</a>
    <li id="tumblr"><a>&t=<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>">Tumblr</a></li>

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