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  • I created a new wordpress, but I need help with creating a communication channel with my users.
    Basically what I need is the be able to share info and documents (word, excel, pdf, images, etc) with specic users.
    The content shared with that user should only be visible for that user and me (administrator), and the user should be able to upload files too.

    Maybe I can accomplish that with pages or posts.
    The idea could be something like this:
    – I create the “user1”
    – I create a post that only the “user1” can see.
    – I give “user1” permision to add content to that post.

    All the comunication between me(admin) and the users should be private. The post should only be visible to specific users. So users won’t even see the post tile of another user.

    I’m sure something like this should be doable, but I don’t have idea where to start. I’m a designer and new to wordpress.

    Anybody have an idea??

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  • You can create a metabox in the post and specified who the user that see the post. And when you show the posts list, filter by user. And in the single block others user to see the content.

    Hi edpittol, thanks for your reply.
    I’m brand new to wordpress and don’t know almost nothing about php.
    Could you provide more on how to accomplish your idea or at lease some pointers?

    OK. This is a little bit complex feature.

    First: Set the user that can read the post.
    You need create a metabox to add a input text with the user that can see the post. To do it, you can use this plugin to create the metabox:

    Second: Query only the post that are for the logged user.

    Third: Block the access in the post if isn’t authorized.

    If you pretend that only restrict the access only registred user, you can use this plugin:

    It’s not easy, but is possible.

    Thanks for everything
    I will try that

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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