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  • I’d like to change the email address and display name that is used when sharing an article by email … but I just can not see where I change it? I guess it’s probably somewhere real obvious but I just can not see it!!

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  • I had the same problem today and fortunately I found a solution!

    In your WordPress admin panel click on the Users tab. You will probably see a user called ‘admin’ with an email address and recognise it as the one being used when someone shares an article.

    Click on Edit for the admin user and then change the Nickname and the contact e-mail address to whatever you want to see e.g.

    ‘My Domain’ and ‘’

    I don’t know whether this has knock-on effects elsewhere but I haven’t found any problems.


    Hi Steve
    Thanks for that, I’ve had a look at that one and it’s not it.
    The email address that shared emails is coming from is and the one set against admin is which I’d be happy with! The wordpress@ email address is not against any of the users!
    It must be set somewhere else, but I just don’t know where to look, it’s a pain!

    I’ve tried to solve this problem alone, but it still persist.Can anybody out there help me to resolve the issue of Pages not Found?


    Maybe it’s your details contact email, assuming you are using Jetpack for the sharing, which connects to

    The above solution worked for me, maybe try changing your admin email address and see if it mysteriously changes it.

    And enjoy your chillies!


    Have you just uploaded your site from a different server / from your computer? If so go to Settings… Permalinks and click on Save Changes. This will create a new link structure and should get rid of those 404 messages…

    This is helpful:

    Just wish I could remember my login and password for !

    hi stevecro
    Sorry for been thick, but I can not see where I run the code from the link? Do I need to save it and run it somewhere?

    Done it ….. finally.
    Found a plugin called ‘wp mail from’ that adds an option under settings which lets you change the email and email name.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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