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    I’ve turned off the share buttons in the settings, but I’m still getting the share buttons (Facebook, Linkin, Twitter, etc.) at the bottom of the book page. How do I remove them? As I said, I’ve turned them off in the settings, and I checked under the books Quick Edit. I didn’t have them turned on for my pages prior to the install, so I’m not sure where to go to remove them.


    BTW, I’m really liking the product too. While I’d love to see the ability to use a Times Roman font for the page info, I can live with the blah arial font. I’m a romance writer, we like serifs. 😀

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    It looks like you’ve purchased one of our MyBookTable Upgrades, so you can get Premium Support by going to your MyBookTable Help page and clicking “Submit a Ticket”, that will help you get any issues you have with MyBookTable solved quicker in the future.

    The social media buttons at the bottom of the book pages are controlled by the “Social Media Bar” checkbox on the Promote Tab of your MyBookTable settings. If you’re sure that you’ve unchecked this box and they’re still showing up, please double check that you don’t have any other plugins running that may add social media buttons to posts.

    If you’re sure what you’ve disabled the Social Media Bar in your settings and no other plugins are responsible, I may need to take a closer look at your site to see what’s up.

    Yep, I had another SM plugin running. The share buttons are no longer on Book pages. Thanks!

    I know the purpose of the book page is to keep it clean, but I’ve run into a problem. When readers go to the book page, they’re often there looking for a specific series they’ve heard about. They don’t remember a cover or book title, they only remember the name of the series. There’s no way on the book page for readers to see what books are in a series unless they click on a book that they hope is in the series.

    It would be really nice if there was the ability to have a simple series name show up on the book page with the books in the series listed under it. I love the feature on the individual book page that says here are more in the series, but not having a series name listed on the book page makes it hard for a reader. I don’t like the idea of them having to click a whole bunch of covers to get to a book their looking for. They get frustrated when looking through a bunch of books when they’re after one specific book that they don’t remember much about.

    I love this app, but I’m debating going back to my old method because I was able to use a simple title like Order of the Sicari series on my old book page and then list my books beneath it. That way readers see the series name and then check out the books. As it is now, it’s a crap shoot if they remember a book title or cover that goes with a series. Thanks, Monica

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    Hi Monica,

    MyBookTable should display the Series name for each book on the book listings page, if your MyBookTable is not doing this send me a link to your site and I will take a look.

    If you don’t find this per-book Series display to be adequate for people looking for a specific series, you may try linking directly to the Series listing page (the page that lists all books in a given series, that you can get to by clicking on the series name from a book). You can link to this from your main navigation bar or create a special series page that has links the series people are looking for.

    As for having the book page itself sort by series, that would require custom development and would be rather specific to people who wish to display their books that way. I’m sure you understand that while we would like to help meet this need of yours we have to focus on working well out of the box with as many different situations as possible. Thank you for your feedback though, we will take it into account and consider adding options to make the series more prominent in the future.


    Thanks, Tim
    Maybe I’m not doing this right, as I don’t understand what you mean by Series Listing Page. When I go to a book I know is in a series, it shows me other books in the series at the bottom of the page for a specific book, but it doesn’t allow me to click on any link like a series listing page which I’m interpreting is a page where all the covers of the books in a series are listed?? All I can do is look at the block showing other books in the series and I can select a specific book for more info.

    This is my bookshelf page

    As you can see, there’s no way for readers to know what books are in what series, although I’m working on getting branding done for my series to try and remedy this as it’s necessary for books on Amazon as well.

    The first row of books on my bookshelf is my Rockwood Family series, and the second row is my Self-Made Men series. I need to find a way for readers to know what books are in what series, as eventually there will be at least 5-7 more in the Rockwood Family and there are three more for the Self-Made Men series. Right now there’s no way for someone to see what books are in what series at all unless they click on a book and hope for the best.

    hopefully, you’ll be able to help me form a strategy, because I do love the app. Thanks, Monica

    Plugin Author zookatron


    Ah, I did not realize you were using Grid View for your book pages, in that case none of the meta information such as the series will be displayed on the book listings. We are considering adding options to allow more metadata on the Grid View listings but unfortunately this is not currently one of our immediate priorities.

    The Series Listing page that I was referring to can be accessed by clicking the series name on the book page, located directly next to the book cover image in the metadata section. For example, on this book you can access the Rockwood Family series page by clicking on the “Series: The Rockwood Family, Book 1” link on that book page.

    Another option if you want to organize your books by Series is to use Shortcodes to display a grouping of books in a series on a custom page. You can create a custom page and click the “Insert Shortcode” button above the content editor to insert MyBookTable shortcodes. The “All books in series” option is the shortcode you are looking for. Let me know if that is what you are looking for. Using shortcodes you can also display a list of links to each Series Listing page, using the “All terms in Taxonomy” shortcode, which you may find helpful.

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