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  • Is there a plugin that allows a blogger to automatically have a new post he or she writes, updated to their other blogs as it is within the dashboard it was created, making it so they don’t have to go into one blog, copy the content, go to the other blog dashboard, paste the context of the story, and re-format anything that was lost in translation?

    For example, I have a handful of blogs I maintain but I am not really frequently posting on all of them. I have one main blog that I use for everything but then I have hockey, football, hometown stadium, and relationship blog that I have designed as separate projects. I sometimes post on these other blogs as separate entities, but ideally I’d like to post everything on my main blog and be able to use tags or something that would automatically trigger the system to post certain posts on the related blog.

    For instance if I installed a plugin on all of my blogs and authorized my main blog as the host, I should be able to strictly use one blog to write all content, and use a tag to represent which blog should also carry a certain post. So if I write about football today people who follow my main blog will see everything I write, but those just looking for football stories will also see this post on the football blog.

    Make sense? Does something like this exist? Do others see a use for this if it doesn’t exist?

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  • Thanks cip6791. One problem. i just created a recipe and then browsed a few pages of existing recipes and nobody seems to be going from WordPress to WordPress. It doesn’t seem like you can add multiple WordPress channels so the system knows what blog to post to. Also, you basically have to tell it the title, tags, categories, and description yourself. No duplicate post function.

    Seems to have potential to do what I had envisioned.

    Looks like it’s a ‘coming soon’ thing.

    Yeah … sorry. I use it the other way around. I post to one main blog from multiple. Play around with the recipes. You might figure something out. I haven’t played with the Google Drive recipe. And also try the Feeds recipe.

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