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  • Hi,

    I have problem with share and follow, but direct facebook. When I want to share link, which I want, I click on facebook icon, and facebook is openning and loading link. But It never loads, why? Because in link I saw twice ‘http://’ and link looks like http://http://..

    Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr is working correctly and I haven’t problems with them.

    What shall I do?

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  • I can edit already. I saw, that on my two another blogs with the same plugin Share And Follow have the same issue.

    But if I paste link from my site into status input on, it will normally download image, title and description, but from my two sites, not.

    I think that plugin is out-of-date, because Facebook developers did some changes in their share function.

    I found blog, which has the same issue as me:

    I started seeing this yesterday. It’s occurring on multiple sites, hosted by multiple companies and using multiple sharing plugins. I suspect it’s a problem with Facebook. Can anyone else confirm this?

    BTW – I have noticed a small anomaly. The share functionality DOES work for links that were shared previously.

    BTW – I have noticed a small anomaly. The share functionality DOES work for links that were shared previously.

    Me too! Share works good, when post was previously shared.

    I wrote in my first post, that facebook has a problem, but I don’t see any informations about this issue in their site, or google.

    Maybe this issue has connections with new features – share combined with like?

    I did a blog postabout this yesterday. I’ve been looking for news about this matter ever since. Your post is the ONLY other mention of this problem that I’ve seen.

    I still suspect that it’s a Facebook problem. But it’s a little difficult to replicate because of the “shared previously” issue. Larger, more popular, bloggers may not notice this issue until they have new posts.

    I’m now reading your post and checking link to post, which was shared, and not. You’re right.

    I have been wondering what I did wrong, when I was changing my hosting company. Actually I did not do somthing wrong, but I was checking all mysql tables, wordpress files and god know what else.

    New copy of wordpress is getting the same error as my or your blog. I thought the same as you, that anyone didn’t report about this problem earlier.

    Facebook of course will not give any reply about this issue, I think so. But I don’t see any contact form on, which serves to contacting with Facebook Team, to report bugs.

    I was finally able to find where to report a bug on Facebook. ( I left a report. I guess now we wait. I’ll be interested to see how long it takes for others to notice this issue.

    I don’t see your message, where is she?

    It’s not showing yet, they’ll need to investigate it first. But I did fill out their form and make a report.

    Here’s some good news. I think this is a bug report for our issue:

    Good! Someone will check this issue and maybe fix it, I hope, because this bug is little uncomfortable. With this bug, Share And Follow is a bit useless, the most used button is facebook.

    Seems to be everything good. My Facebook share icon is working perfectly and normally I can by this button to share 🙂

    I agree. Things seem to be back to normal.

    Thanks so much for starting this thread. It was very helpful to know that someone else was seeing this too!

    Exactly, we must inform about problems and we couldn’t be alone with them 😉

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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