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    I have tried to install Shape 5 Image and Content Fader as it looks great.

    But it only seems to create a widget, no other config controls, and when I try and install teh widget into a widget area I get a dozen warning
    Warning: simplexml_load_file() [function.simplexml-load-file]: …..wp-content/plugins/s5-image-and-content-fader/wid_opts.xml:1: parser error : Space required after the Public Identifier in

    Has anyone suceeded with this plug-in.

    Help appreciated, or recommendation of a good slideshow plug in with similar features.


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    Thanks for posting the problem. The plugin has only currently been tested on Shape5 Themes, so there was no way of knowing what bugs may occur when applied to a site using a different theme.

    What theme are you using? Once I have an answer from you I’ll go through the code & have it fixed asap.

    atahualpa 3.6.7 with all current patches applied. (up to 367-05)

    Let me know if I can do anything to help.

    Plugin Author shape5


    Thanks for the response. There’s probably just a typo somewhere that I missed. I’ll post again when I have it fixed.

    Plugin Author shape5


    I’ve uploaded a new version to the repository that fixes the issue of mootools not loading correctly on the front of the site, but I wasn’t able to duplicate your error, so I may need some more details about the way you have things installed. Can you start a new thread on our support forum at and include a link to the site that’s having issues? (You will need to register to access the forum – don’t worry, it’s free. The link will take you directly to the ICF support board once you’re logged in.)

    It appears that it might take a little while before the updated version goes live. The new version is 1.1, so you should be prompted by WP to do the upgrade when it becomes available.

    Thanks for checking that out, so if its not you then I examined my setup and the error message.

    I have solved my issue, which is related to my installation. To share my issue, incase it helps others, whilst developing my site, I have restricted access just to my development IP, however the call simplexml_load_file gets called from the server (a different IP) hence fails. This is teh first time I have had an issue like this, although the solution is simply to allow the server ip address.

    Plugin Author shape5


    Thanks for letting me know! I’ll add it to the FAQ.

    If the plugin is now working for you, please rate it & give a compatibility report for the version of WP you are using. Thanks!


    I have problem with this wiget too. I want to it be as on Your shape 5 skin on top but it aways go somewere in the middle.

    I activate it now and You can look where it go:

    I will be happy to put it over all (over HOME on top of site)

    ps. I`m newbie to wordpress

    Plugin Author shape5



    The reason it’s doing that is because you don’t have a header sidebar position in the theme you’re using.

    I’ll provide more details in response to the post you created on our forum (thanks for using it!). –Tristan Rineer

    I think this widget is great, but I am having trouble getting it to display properly on my site. It is aligned to the left when in fact it needs to be fill the space between the left and right side bars. Also, I have tried to activate it twice, both times with problems. After dragging it under the Right Sidebar widgets, and then navigating away from the Widgets page, the widget becomes deactivated, and all my settings disappear. My site is, here and a live demo of the theme working properly here. Do you have any idea what’s going on here and how to get it working right? My theme comes with a Featured Posts gallery hard-coded into the theme, but I have it deselected and not linked to any content posts. The functionality of the theme-provided slideshow is very limited, with very few options, even though it looks good, which is why I am trying to use the Shape5 widget instead. I want to be able to use it without it suddenly becoming deactivated or breaking the theme, as it is doing now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Plugin Author shape5


    It appears that the theme you’re trying to use has a Mootools (Javascript library) conflict.

    The way to solve the problem is to either custom modify the theme to disable it’s copy of Mootools, or custom modify the plugin to disable it’s version.

    If you can set up a (free) account on our forum ( ) and post your problem there, I’ll be glad to make the code modifications for you (I will need access info, which shouldn’t be shared publicly, which is why I need you to go through our forum).

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