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  • I’ve been a free user for years. I’ve never liked the product, but didn’t have the energy or time to find a replacement. Then a client needed a solution to store files on Google Drives and add them to a download page. I bought this product because they offered a free Google drive add on to do this. But then it just became a mess. Nothing works as it should. The coding is odd, flaky and buggy. The worst part is their support and the attitude they take. I asked for a refund and all I got was negative comments, bad energy, poor business practices and frustration. This is EXACTLY the reason why many of us are reluctant to “try” or even “purchase” a product from an online company like this. I read the reviews and I new they were a little shady, but I didn’t trust my gut on this one. I got stung for the purchase price for a useless product. They could not care less. Sad, really sad. Seedy, shady, disingenuous people. Stay away.

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    The “Google Drive Explorer for WordPress Download Manager” ( ) is a free add-on and it used google drive file picker to explore google drive files and attach with WordPress Download Manager. Everything about the add-on is clearly explained in that add-on page URL. The add-on also works fine with the WPDM 2.7.x ( version ). No functional issue there. With due respect, I checked your email conversation now and you didn’t show any specific reason ( error with the plugin, like, non-functional feature ). Our team is always there to help and replied your every email within 1-2 hours. Please let us know where you exactly facing problem within our described plugin scope and features.

    It does not browse. It allows you to search and it does in fact work with Google Drive, but it is nearly impossible to use as the files in the folders do not appear. When you view folders, the files do not appear. The entire purpose of the product fails because of a technical issue you are ignoring. I cannot use it without this feature. My client MUST store files on Google Drive. I checked with you prior to buying it.

    I sent you many examples like this already to which you never responded other than saying “I don’t have G Suite to test with.” Read this: and click the PHP version. Check your code. Here’s another

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    With due respect, you understood wrong, wpdm google drive add-on simply uses Google’s native UI with file picker API to browse, upload and attach files, check Means, the UI is totally coming from Google in an iframe and it is coded with Javascript using js API, we are not using PHP API there :).

    Eric – my experience is not with the Google plugin. But I did create a /mnt drive using Volume, and attached that to Download Manager.

    It works like a dream! …and it is completely private. …and the GUI browse works extremely well. I just ftp-up a file, it appears, I click on it, save the file and it downloads!

    I used to get frustrated with adding DM files to the menu pulldowns, but they have resolved some issue…or maybe the template creator did, or WordPress…I don’t know…so, I can only say that I am a happy user.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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