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  • I’ve been using Community News before this but was looking for a plugin that did the same yet added to categories as Community News doesn’t. Therefore none of the posts can be SEO’d or used with Jetpack pubicize.

    On the face of it this had loads of potential but failed in these areas:

    1: Image doesn’t upload

    2: no way to capture email address

    3: Styling is questionable

    Without those features, it’s up there with a chocolate fire guard and nigh on useless. If those were included, I would pay for it. The redirect is great, the category posting is great. However, it doesn’t work as it should.

    Shame as it could be blinding and tick a load of boxes.

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  • How did you resolve this challenge?


    Removed the plugin and used a different one!

    Which one did you use?

    Actually took the plunge and have created it all with Ninja forms. A couple of paid for options but it works a treat.

    Cheers, i wasn’t aware of that plugin, i shall give it a once over 🙂

    Yeh download Ninja Forms. Thats free, then with some jiggery pokery and paid for add ons, you can achieve the goal.

    Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Just to respond to the concerns in this thread:

    1: Image doesn’t upload

    As explained clearly in the readme.txt, you may have to change the file permissions on your uploads folder. As many users can attest, image uploads work great once they are allowed on the server.

    2: no way to capture email address

    This is a feaure of the Pro version, but there is an easy workaround on the free version for those who are interested.

    3: Styling is questionable

    The styling? Lol, that is one of the easiest things to change, and the plugin provides an option to include your own custom stylesheet to make any changes exactly as you prefer. Also, and just FYI in the future, you can modify any CSS for any plugin by simply adding styles to your theme’s style.css.

    In any case, thanks for the feedback, and for the sake of any others reading this thread, please try the new version and let me know if any improvements can be made. Since the initial post above, there have been many improvements and new features added to the plugin.

    As you can tell by the changelog, I take development seriously and will try to accommodate any reasonable request. Also, in general contacting the developer with questions and feature requests is going to get you more than some drive-by misinformed rant. Just saying, I’m here to help, please let me know how I can make things better with User Submitted Posts. Thank you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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