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  • This company attempted to place a phony order on our website in order to pitch their product as opposed to just sending us an e-mail or calling us. Would certainly not do business with them. We left them a message on their facebook page about this, only to have our comment deleted without explanation, so we thought we’d leave something here.

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    Hi there,

    Yes, we’re abandoning carts (it’s not a phony order), seeking attention to the cart abandonment problem. We abandoned more than 2,000 carts, and you are the only one who had problem with this, most of the users actually signed up and tried out how they can lower their lost sales.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, and good luck with your online business!

    Inconvenience? Your e-mail response to us was so inappropriate, wish I would have saved it. You also deleted our facebook post telling customers about your behavior. I decided to save this gem that someone else posted on your page before you delete it:

    “If anyone is reading this who uses Woo Commerce, I urge you to NOT use the GhostMonitor plug-in for cart abandonment. I received a very nasty, passive aggressive marketing email from them. It was on par with the spam comments my personal site gets telling me I could get better views then links to six handbag ads. Way to affirm my belief that cart abandonment is too pushy and creepy for our brand.”

    Plugin Author Recart


    I’m sorry that you got so angry about this marketing email. Sending you marketing emails (cold outreach) is completely legal and normal approach. I assume you receive hundreds of emails like this a week, just like everybody else in this planet.

    Our customers know about our behavior, they signed up because this behavior.

    What could be the positive ending of this issue? The thing is that I’m sorry that you got so angry, but it won’t make us stop our marketing. Our users love us, they make serious money with GhostMonitor, and I’m proud of what we do here. If you don’t want to be a part of this success, that’s fine. But you complaining and yelling here won’t make me stop marketing my product, I’m sorry. All I can do is to ask for your apologize. If you hit unsubscribe in your email, you won’t get more since we follow the CAN-SPAM Act.

    Soma Toth


    Before I buy your product, I’d like to understand better what happen here. At first it sounds like you injected an ad into their cart on their website, but then it sounds like a spam in the inbox via email, which is it?

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    Plugin Author Recart


    Hi @mballew,

    Thanks for reaching out. The answer: none of them. Recart mostly sends cart abandoned emails & push notifications.

    We don’t inject ads to the cart or anything like that.

    For more answers, please reach us out at


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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