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  • These asshats are using my photo, name and a fake quote from me as a testimonial for their crappy plugin. That is next level shady. Consider yourself warned. Now it’s up to you if you want to pay money to lying sacks of cow manure in order to obtain total junk. Also, if you’re the kind of people who just blatantly make up testimonials because you can’t get anyone to say anything good about your effed up plugin, maybe you should just wake up and realize you suck. This road isn’t going to get better for you. You’re living in denial that your work is going to ever turn into anything useful, as you run from one shit storm of your own creation to another. Just accept it and consider another line of work. The world doesn’t need more morally bankrupt basement dwellers pretending to be legit programmers. We’ve got enough already. And if you’re reading this you Documentor fraud bros – take my photo and name and make believe statements OFF your website. – Tracey Halvorsen

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