• I have many posts on my site that used this plugin. Unfortunately I chose to use what’s called “lazyload” as my thumbnail option. Now that the developer has taken that option away unless you pay for the plugin, all of those posts on my site are now broken with error messages. There was no warning when I updated the plugin that this was going to happen. Thanks to tactics like this you will not see a single cent from me and I’m deleting your plugin and blacklisting you as a developer. Congratulations.

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    Actually you are wrong, I displayed a message to users about this update coming, that it will be mandatory …

    Also I guide people to the old version and on top of that I even give the Pro Addon out for FREE to legacy users!.

    You however:

    Now that the developer has taken that option away unless you pay for the plugin

    make it sound like people have to pay. The truth is I actually saw things like this happening on other plugins and carefully tryed to aviod people think I have done this. But I cant account for morons who are to lazy to read.

    But of course some hater who is to stupid to read comes along and makes false claims. I actually expected this and expect more of your kind come along. I am so sorry for not want to live from state money and actually get payed for my work. I know I am so evil for taking money. So sorry for having a extremely long beta period where I invited people to test and planned this release carefully … oh fuck off!

    Plugin Author Nico


    And congratulations for abusing the sick wp.org system where I will get censored and you treated like a god and can make your false reviews and they will do nothing about it. Your lies will stay up forever! Be proud of yourself!



    My posts did not brake and I was also using Lazyload for Youtube videos. Perhaps the difference is in the theme. I am using Avada theme. My videos just reverted back to the normal Youtube iframe. I had no issues updating to the Pro Addon that I got free. My thanks to the developer.

    This seems to be a great plugin. But I just do not feel right with the unbalanced attitude of the plugin author.

    I know you have put your valuable time to produce this plugin and gave it to people free of charge. It must be disheartening to get back harsh criticism in return. But it is no excuse to react to such criticism in an uncivilized manner.

    Just calmly stating the facts or your point of view is all what is needed and done by almost all other plugin authors.

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