• No pricing info on their website to tell you what’s free and what isn’t.

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    Hi Adam ( @adambradford ),

    Thank you for sending us your feedback. We’re sorry to hear about your bad experience with us, but there seems to be some confusions, and I hope you could consider my explanation below.

    Regarding our pricing info, or information about our apps in general, you may refer to our website: https://beeketing.com/apps. For users who have missed the website URL in the plugin’s Details page, we also list detailed information about our packages and pricing before they have to confirm payment. If the paid app is not suitable to their current need, they can stop at this pricing detail step without any payment confirmation.

    About our users’ reviews, kindly let us explain that we have not paid, and do not pay for any reviews as they are the merchants’ genuine thoughts. Some users can be quite new (as they may have just get started with their stores), while many others have worked with their WordPress stores for awhile (with some discussions).

    I hope my reply helps. Let me know if you have any further concerns, and I’ll reach back soon?

    Best wishes,
    Beeketing team.



    Dude there is LITERALLY a chat box that pops up on their website when you visit as well as a “Contact Us” link that is super easy to find. If you have questions about a product get off your lazy tail and get in touch with them, don’t leave a shitty review for a product you have never even tried. What a jerk.


    Unfortunately, a moderator removed the bulk of my comments, so you aren’t able to see most of my concerns about this developer. You telling me to “get off my lazy tail” isn’t helpful or accurate. I DID try to do some research before commenting.

    About the pop-up box: Not everybody wants to get into a dialogue with sales people at the outset and be subjected to what could potentially be high pressure sales tactics. I would rather see prices in black and white. LITERALLY.

    It’s disappointing that the moderators saw fit to censor my concerns, but haven’t done anything about your personal attack (calling me a “jerk”). I hadn’t realised things were so hostile around here. I’ll refrain from taking part in this community in future.

    I was going to call you a whiny little bitch but I figured that would be censored.

    Very clever big man.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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