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  • I have been using updraft for a few years now. Today I went to renew my subscription and was about to hit pay when I saw in tiny print, 35 site license. Every year until now when I renewed at that price it was unlimited sites. I never received an email or notification of price changes, there is no media release or post I can easily find (except a thread locked by admin) about price changes.

    So basically, you have tried to renew everyone silently without making it clear that prices have changed. That’s really dodgy, even if you claim people still fit within the 35 limit, you should notify users of what they’re actually paying for.

    Another equally annoying thing, you push notifications to administrators that we cannot hide. Many of my clients have admin privileges and this scares them. It’s very rare plugin devs make notification unable to be removed, and this situation when you’re trying to get users to renew is a forceful way to try increase renewal conversion. Not happy and now looking at alternatives 🙁

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson



    Sorry to hear that. In the past, we’ve had tiers for 2, 10 and unlimited licences. We’ve now introduced a new tier, at 35 licences. The 2, 10 and unlimited tiers still exist. We offer a 40% discount off current prices for renewal, and are still doing so.

    If the ‘renew’ link put the 35-licence product into your cart, then that’s because you’re currently using less than (I think) 32 licences. If that’s the case then the same price as you paid last year is available to support the same number of sites as you used last year. It’s intended to be helpful (I think you’d probably think it more “shady” if it suggested for you a more expensive product, with more licences than you’ve been using??).

    One reason for the new tier is so that the true costs of supporting our users more accurately represent the costs of supporting users at different levels – that is to say, up until now there has been a substantial transfer of value from 2/10-licence users to unlimited users. You’ve been benefiting from that, apparently for multiple years, but yes, it has now changed, and the price spread now more accurately reflects the spread of our costs, which I hope as someone with clients yourself you will understand.

    Our prices and which tiers exist are published in the same places where they have always been; on the front page of our website, the front page of our shop, and individual product pages. We have never “tried to renew (anyone) silently”, as we don’t have a facility for that (payment details for UpdraftPlus Premium aren’t stored, and so we don’t renew automatically); all purchases require the customer to put the product in their cart and go through the checkout. We use WooCommerce which shows the price at both those stages. The font sizes of the product are WooCommerce’s default ones and not an attempt to hide anything, which we have no interest in doing. (Neither has anybody, to my knowledge, said that they bought something without realising what it was – and neither apparently did you, otherwise presumably you would not be here!).

    There is a notice that appears in your WP dashboard if your licence has expired. If you do not intend to renew then you can remove it (and never see again information that you are no longer receiving updates) by removing the directory ‘updraftplus/udaddons’. This will not affect any plugin functionality (except in that you won’t get updates and any future compatibility issues with other plugins or future releases of WordPress, etc.).

    I understand you feel that you would have liked more information about future pricing. We certainly take all such feedback on board and are grateful to hear from our users.

    Best wishes,

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