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    I noticed a problem when SG optimizer is active, it hides plugins that I activate. Once I deactivate SG optimizer, I have to deactivate the plugin I activated before and activate it again. Then i am able to see it. I can then activate SG optimizer again and both plugins can be seen. Now that I know that it is SG optimizer which caused the issue, the things are easier, but made me some headaches to find it out…

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    I am sorry but I can’t uderstand the problem. Please, tell me which plugin fails to work properly with SG Optimizer active?

    Plugin Author Stanimir Stoyanov


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    Hey @arty1

    Would it be possible to provide more information about the issue you had?

    I just checked your site and when I activate the SG Optimizer, all plugins are there.


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    Thank you for your reply.
    Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
    The plugins that I activate after activating SG Optimizer won’t show up on my dashboard. So I have to activate them before activating SG Optimizer.

    So basically what I do is:
    1) Deactivate SG optimizer
    2) Activate the plugin I want
    3) Activate SG Optimizer again

    Because if I don’t do it the plugin doesn’t show up on my dashboard.
    It is not a hard workaround and I just deactivated SG Optimizer while building the website, but if there is any easy fix, I would appreciate.

    Thank you

    Plugin Author Hristo Pandjarov


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    I believe it is the other plugins not following best practices that cause this problem. We register our menu items properly and never had issues like that. Please, provide me with site URL and the plugin that fails to work so I can look into it further.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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