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    Using SG Optimizer, and hosted on Siteground Go Geek plan, we are having issues where Woocommerce order emails are not being sent. This only occurs if we don’t clear the SG Optimizer cache for a couple days. The problem is not specific to Woocommerce, but all emails from the website including our contact form, admin login notifactions from WordFence, etc. Not sure why the SG Optimizer cache plugin is interfering with emails, but we do use WP SMTP. Once the SG Optimizer cache is flushed, emails begin working just fine. I had reached out to SG hosting support numerous times, but they dismissed my concerns and blamed it on other plugins. But if I can clear the SG Optimizer cache, and/or disable the plugin, email then works fine. The problem obviously is within the SG Optimizer plugin.

    Is there a way to automate/schedule this cache clearing on a daily basis? I just got done refunding 5 orders from the same customer because he didn’t get an email confirmation and kept submitting duplicate orders. This is getting costly. Thanks for your help.

    Below is an associated error log entry (domain and IP changed for privacy) from SG Site Tools -> Error Logs:

    2022-06-12 14:59:46 UTC [apache][:warn] [pid 5978] [client 108.51.XXX.XX:43860] Timeout waiting for output from CGI script /home/u888-hjcegfgoeccz/www/, referer:


    /checkout/* is excluded from cache in SG Optimizer settings.

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    Hello @captaincrank,

    I am afraid that there is no such functionality implemented in our SG Optimizer plugin. However, the cache can be clean using WP-CLI, which means that you can set up a cron job including the following command:

    cd /home/u888-hjcegfgoeccz/www/; wp sg purge

    and the interval of the cache cleaning process.

    In order for us to further investigate the reported issue, we would need a way to recreate it on our end. Could you please provide us with a test product where we can submit orders and check the email generation?

    Using SG Optimizer, and hosted on Siteground Go Geek plan and my email doesn’t work since I installed the plugin.
    I only wish you would fix this dam plugin.

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    In order for us to further investigate the reported issue, we would need a way to recreate it on our end.

    Since this is on a live site, the only way to reproduce the email errors would be to not flush the SG Optimizer cache for days which would have subjected our customers to these errors. Obviously this is not acceptable. However, you may reference cases we created with SG Support, which would have allowed them to recreate the problem. Those chat sessions are 8296036 and 8305720.

    I must say I was underwhelmed by SG’s support’s response to the cases noted above. They seemed more concerned about redirecting blame for the email errors onto other plugins instead of recreating/confirming our problem.

    Removing the SG Optimizer plugin fully resolved our email error problem, and we have no intent to install your plugin again. Regardless, I hope the info I provided will help you to fix this error so that other users don’t experience the same grief as we did.

    My problem was that I was using Cloudflare DNS and tuned I turned it off CF’s cloud cache that didn’t resolve it, so the only way I found that I could fix it was to delete the plugin. Support seems to blame the other.
    Was not able to work with SG’s support on this plugin’s issues.

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    Hi again @captaincrank and @ldallara,

    I have tried to recreate the issue on my end on a fresh WordPress installation with Woocommerce, WP Mail SMTP and SGO plugins installed. However, the emails were not interrupted in any way during my checks. It would very difficult for us to investigate the issue without the ability to recreate it.

    I have noticed that both of you are using different methods for sending emails, so we would like to check both cases separately.

    @captaincrank, the chat sessions you have provided are 2 months old which means that we do not have existing logs from that date anymore.

    With that said, could you please create staging sites using our Staging tool and set up your sites in the same way as they were when the issue occurred? This way we can try recreating the email issue without affecting your live sites.

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    Thank you for your response and concern. At this point I’m not going to invest anymore time in trying to resolve the matter. Our site has worked fine since removing the SG Plugin and am content with that. Anyway, as I noted upthread, the problem only occurs after days which means replicating the problem would be difficult. This leads me to believe the size of the cache must grow rather large and causes the timeout errors like the example posted above. That’s why I previously asked about scheduling a cache flush or some sort of cache size control. But after further consideration, we were not confident that would prevent the problem from occurring again especially if we had a surge of traffic which we expect later this year.

    Other than the issues with this plugin (seems isolated to a few of us), and support we received from SG (not you or the plugin team but SG hosting support) regarding this matter, we’re happy. Maybe in the future we will try the plugin again if it has built-in features to limit the size of the cache, scheduled dumps, etc. Having hosted with many other top companies, SG continues to make improvements (investments) that benefit us customers and for that SG should be commended. Have a great weekend.

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    Thank you for the update, @captaincrank!

    We will continue to try recreating the issue on a test installation and hopefully will get to the bottom of it.

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