• Hi,
    I really like this plugin, but today I found out that there is SeznamBot listed among abuse agents in the .htacess file. Seznam.cz is in my country (Czech Repulic) main search engine with some 50% share and the SeznamBot is its bot. I solved this problem by manualy deleting the line with SeznamBot after my websites disappeared from the Seznam.cz search results. Please, check this and unlist the agent.

    Tomas Barton


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  • Hi,
    confirming this. I am very sorry about that – all my websites aren’t indexed now by this important search engine!
    It looks like it has appeared in version 5.1.1 and i have the SeznamBot not namely in .htaccess, but it is obviously included in the Hackrepair.com blaclist. When I disable this function, SeznamBot is allowed again.
    Please can somebody from administrators take a look into it – it is a serious problem for Czech Rep. users!

    if you allowed this plugin to write in system files you would probably find the SeznamBot in the .htaccess HackRepair.com Blacklist section. I am not sure if this feature is doing more than put some lines in there.

    yes, it is enabled to write in system files… But still SeznamBot isn’t listed in the hackrepair section of .htaccess… don’t understand that, but as I said, after deactivating this feature, website is indexed properly. Obviously the problem is in HackRepair.com blacklist,isn’t it?

    Yes and it seriously damages SEO. According to Seznam helpdesk in such cases it takes weeks until they reintegrate affected websites into search results.

    Maybe you are right. I try to disable the hackrepair feature completely. My websites are still not indexed after a week.

    this is good tool to find out, how is your website doing (in case you dont know it): http://search.seznam.cz/kontrolni-formular

    Admin, please help us and remove SeznamBot (identified also as “Mozilla/5.0”) from the blacklist!

    Same problem. All of my websites lost visitors from Seznam.cz. It started before Christmas (blacklist is disabled for 4 weeks) and until today Seznam isn’t corectly indexing my web pages 🙁 I’m going crazy



    Same problem! Please remove SeznamBot from Blacklist!

    Solution is below:

    Edit your .htaccess files at your host.
    Delete the SeznamBot line.

    Located the HackRepair.com Blacklist setting in iThemes security, uncheck the box.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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