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  • Hi,
    I am using the Sexybookmarks Plugin, and I was looking at the page source for a different refresh issue and I noticed the meta description on post pages.
    View Page and Right Mouse or F12 (IE or Firebug)

    <meta name="description" content="&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Get Shareaholic" />

    <meta name=”description” content=”                    Get Shareaholic” />

    This is not on the home page or pages only on posts?

    I also have the all in one SEO plug activated.


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  • @digital Raindrops SexyBookmarks has no code in it that changes any META descriptions. On viewing the source, I do not see the above either. Can you please provide more details?

    I can only report what it was doing, no hidden agenda, it must just be a conflict with something else, I always have the latest install and this is Version 3.2, so it may be something else!

    I have disabled the plugin, the last two “automatic upgrades” failed and locked me out, it may have been something on my ISP’s server but a folder was locked and in use.

    It was the includes folder, it would not delete, rename or open, and I could not do anything even with ftp for about 20 minutes, so all I had was an include file error page message, until the folder was released and I could ftp the files up.

    The above error did stop when I checked the box to load the script in the footer, but the icons bar did not show, I cleared the page cache, and still there was no bar, so I just gave up!



    I have some time now and have re-activated the plugin so you can see what is happening, I do not want to leave it like this for to long because of page search engine indexing!

    This is on all posts and not pages as I only selected to show the icon bar on posts.

    This is not using the “New” options and you will see the text above if you select a post and view the page source.

    If I switch to the new mode the icon bar is hidden and cannot be seen.



    David, Which other plugins do you have running? My guess is that something else is likely breaking something.

    All in One SEO, WP Super Cache, WP Download Monitor, Magic Members, PayPal button WordPress 3.2 theme twenty ten 1.2 based theme.

    Adsense and the like code is inserted via shortcodes and I have not noticed this before.

    This problem is only in the header of type posts, and I have your plugin set for posts only, script loaded in the footer, so it is strange it is picking the text up, as the header is generated before the footer.

    If I add a description in the all in one SEO fields, I do not get the funny html, but I would rather not do this for over 100 posts.

    Upgrade Error:
    I tried the automatic upgrade today and got the same error, all files deleted except the includes directory, I did not upload all files via ftp as that is what locked me out before.

    I tried to delete the /includes/ folder, this would not delete for about ten minutes.

    Within the ten minutes I tried to overwrite just the includes folder and got a message about one of the files not being readable, this looks like the file that has caused the problem, it is the one that has the access to the api, might be held open or some other comms issue when updating.



    I’m getting this too, but I don’t think it’s due to SBMs (found this post through a google search of “WordPress 3.2  “. Only started since I updated to WP3.2, I’ve got a hellalot more plugins but do have most of the ones David is using. Using Chrome btw.

    When I have time I’ll go through and all my plugins and then reactivate one by one until I find the culprit.

    @shareaholic, thanks for this great plugin btw!


    Hi Sy,
    I just tested a local install with just SexyBoookmarks and Gregs all in one SEO, and on localhost, ‘Gregs All in One SEO’ is picking up the ‘Sharaholic’ name and not the post tags, so it is a conflict between these two plugins and the post meta.


    This is usually caused by other plugins inserting extra stuff via WP’s the_content filter, which prevents other plugins from seeing what the content was supposed to have been before the insertion. A far better way to insert extra stuff is to do so at the theme level with a template tag/function call, but if you’re keen to let other plugins keep on filtering the_content, the best solution to mangled content appearing in the head description would be to provide your own head description either by filling in the WP excerpt or by filling in the head description box provided by GHPSEO.

    All the best,



    Thanks, Greg!

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