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  • I use WP 1.5 for both my blogs, and

    and in the .htaccess file, i have something like
    RewriteRule ^about/?$ /about.php [QSA,L]

    which says, /about/ will get redirected to about.php

    and this works fine in FireFox but not in IE.

    the same is the case for many rules similar to this, i have on .htaccess

    I wonder how a file in the server behave differently for FF and IE

    any input is much appreciated.


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  • try seeing this link in IE, it may say ‘file not found’

    but see it in firefox, it may just work…

    i am completely clueless on this issue

    I checked what the server is sending back, and it’s sending a 404 response. However, for some reason, both Lynx and Firefox are returning a donate page.

    Your /about returns a complete page under Firefox, but under Lynx and IE it returns a 300 error. Looks like you have some multiple choices between your .htaccess and files with and without the php extension. Might be good to purge your .htacces & start over. But before that, double check it, remove pages that you don’t want served from your document root, check it again (make sure to clear your caches), and report back. If still problems, you may want to post your .htaccess here so we can get a look.

    I did fix the problem in a slightly different way. I made a new folder called ‘about’ and put an index.php file inside that folder.

    no more fiddling around with .htaccess.

    Thanks for the help., Tahongawaka. I Thank you.

    Were you manipulating the .htaccess or did you let WordPress do it for you?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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