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  • This is my first time experimenting with multisites, so sorry if this is stupidly obvious.

    I currently have a website with a widget on the homepage that is specific to the city that the website is used in. I am now looking to expand to other cities, with a dropdown bar in the top right-hand corner used to change between them.

    On all of these websites, I’d like the common pages to be:

    • the about page (if possible – makes it easier to track hits)
    • a central blog, so perhaps a category called ‘News’

    On each separate website, I’d like:

    • a regional blog, so perhaps a category for that particular city
    • the widget, personalised for that city
    • a directory plugin, personalised for that city
    • a default page, personalised for that city

    Is this possible? If so, is it also possible to not have a subdomain structure, with the user knowing which version of the site they’re on by looking at the dropdown bar rather than the URL?

    I hope that makes sense!

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  • Use the first site as the “central” and common blog. A menu item may point to a common about page, but it will nor conform with the theme on the sub-site. If you make a special template for a common page, it could switch to the first site to get the common content. Otherwise, use copy/paste.

    Special template may also be created to have a page for the common blog entries. Make a copy of the index.php and add a swith-to-blog.

    All Appearance settings will be individual to each site.

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