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    Holà Ruben,
    I am interested in several addons for Gamipress but I have a few questions related to:
    1) Leaderboard: I would like to show only 2-3 users above the current user score and 2-3 users below the current user score. Is it possible with Leaderobard plugin? I want to position the user in the middle of the leaderboard display, so all she sees is the player right above her, and the user just below her. It’s not very motivating seeing how high the Top 10 players are, but it’s incredibly motivating when one sees someone who used to be below her suddenly surpasses her.

    2) Group Leaderboard: Another variation of the leaderboard is to set up Group Leaderboards, where the ranking is based on the combined efforts of a bigger team. Can I setup this with Leaderboard plugin?

    3) Guest Achievements: Have you got any plugin similar to BadgeOS “Guest Achievements” plugin? => “With the “Guest Achievement” add-on activated, users will be awarded the achievement upon logging in or joining your site. Until they login, the earned achievement will be displayed to them in the “BadgeOS Earned Achievements” widget (if active), with a teaser prompt to login or join the site to claim the recently earned achievement.”

    4) What is the difference between “Progress” and “Progress map” addon?

    Sorry, it was a long post but I need a few plugins and I want to be sure to have what I needed before paying for a plugin I will not use.

    Hasta luego!


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  • Plugin Author rubengc


    Hi @taramin

    Thanks for your interest on GamiPress, I will try to ask all your doubs but keep in mind that WordPress provides this forums as an easy way to contact with the plugin author about any issue or feature request for his plugin

    Your doubts are related to paid add-ons, so I recommend to you next time to contact us through our email or from our contact page for questions about paid add-ons

    1) This is a really interesting feature so I added it to our Leaderboards roadmap so on coming releases what you are looking for will be possible

    2) The Leaderboards add-on provides a huge number of filters to override his workflow

    We are getting a huge number of user requesting examples about how to filter users by custom fields or by BuddyPress groups so we will provide a code snippet from our customize section

    3) Guest achievements (and points and ranks) is another feature we are looking to provide (inside of GamiPress or as an add-on, we need to discuss it too) but at this moment we don’t have an ETA for it because we are already working on new features for GamiPress and new add-ons so for this you will need to wait

    4) Between Progress and Progress Map add-ons the differences are:

    Progress add-on show the current progress of completion of anything, for example if you setup as achievement step the comment on a post 10 times and user has commented 2 times, then this user will see a progress bar with 20% filled about his progression or if user has completed 2 of 3 achievement steps, then this user will see progress bar with 75% filled
    Take a look at screenshots of the Progress add-on page:

    Progress Map add-on let’s you to configure progress maps related to achievements and ranks like a road of achievements and ranks to complete
    Also, check screenshots of the Progress Map add-on here:

    Hope it helps

    I will mark this topic as resolved since there isn’t issues or bugs reported

    Best regards

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