• Hi there,

    I installed NG from Photocrati.

    At first everything went well for uploading pics.

    Then i loaded more then 20 pics, so they were placed on 3 pages.
    First page was accessable, 2nd and 3rd not, url was changed.(cant show it anymore because plugin doesn’t work anymore!!! See below))

    On the enlarged pics itself, there were no forward or backwards arrows to navigate, neither a cross to close.

    When i changed my small letters to capitol letters @ my pics, i had to save it twice before i saw the change.

    Further on, i tried to erase Permalink slug (nggallery)(for reason above about changing url), which worked, but when i pressed Save, i was redirected to my homepage and every link i tried in my menu was also redirected to my homepage.
    When Nextgen Plugin was deactivated, everything was back to normal.
    Also, it’s not possible to enter that permalink slug again or another one.

    I did deactivate all my other plugins, and activated them one by one, but no result.
    Site is ok for the moment, but Nextgen is deactivated.

    All “errors” occured in the order i wrote them down here.

    So what’s going on here???




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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @sabke – This may require our Reset Tool to correct the issues you are seeing most notably erasing the NextGEN Gallery Permalink slug.

    Please submit a Bug Report (http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/report-bug/ … please reference this topic) so we can get a better look at what might be going on here.

    We will need log in and FTP credentials for your WordPress installation as well, please include those with the Bug Report.


    – Cais.

    I have same problems
    I recently installed the plugin NextGen Gallery. I liked this plugin, but i have the problem is that when you activate the plugin the entire site stops working .. precisely at the opening pages of records or site just updated and will not open …
    Also, when i try to make changes in the plugin settings (ex: permalinke change), I just throws on the home page and the settings are not saved.

    Hi Cais,

    I did send you an email earlier this week with the message that i’ve uploaded the Twenty series theme for you.
    Did you found time to look at the problem???

    I’m still waiting for a solution

    I did setup a testsite with Twenty ???? theme, exact the same problem

    When you setup a gallery with multiple pages and your WPML -> Languages is set to yoururl?lang=nl or another languages (other then the default language (english) for your strings then things go wrong

    The first page is ok, np with that, but when you want to see the 2nd page you receive a 404 Page not found.

    When you hoover above the 2 (for 2nd page) the url in the browser below shows the good(???) url, but you’re redirected to another page that doesn’t excist

    Page 1: http://www.spottertrips.eu/testreports/test-2/?lang=nl

    Page 1 hoover 2nd page: http://www.spottertrips.eu/testreports/test-2/page/2/nggallery/page/2?lang=nl

    Browser send you to: http://www.spottertrips.eu/test-2/page/2/nggallery/page/2/
    Even when you try copy and paste the good(???) url you’re redirected to the wrong one!!!!!!!

    When you browse in the default language (english) then this problem doesn’t excist, because ?lang=?? isn’t added to the url

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @sabke – Have you tried our latest beta version? You can find more information about the beta version here: http://www.nextgen-gallery.com/nextgen-gallery-latest-beta/

    We have addressed all of the WPML issues that we were aware of so please let us know if you are still seeing this issue after updating.


    – Cais.

    Hi there,

    Testsite was ok with betaversion for URL issue

    Original site still has the same problem with permalink slug which i removed
    Even the reset button doesn’t work, he’s redirected to my homepage without changing back that permalink slug!!!!

    So that issue isn’t resolved yet


    I did a rollback to version 1.9.13
    In the Options -> General options part for NextGen you can activate permalinks and there you have also the option to change the permalink slug nggallery.

    So activate permalinks and save and then upgrade again to 2.0.40
    When you take a look at Other Options in 2.0.40 you will see that nggallery is again activated as permalink slug and everything works well, except for the URL but therefor we have the beta now

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