• I tried this plugin to offload some of my site’s images.
    Ran across these problems:
    1. The Cloudinary button added to the edit post page breaks the page on mobile. So I cannot edit posts on mobile (Safari).
    2. Copying images to Cloudinary is done by selecting the images in the media library then clicking the button to move them. There is no bulk way to do it, and my site has 25000+ images I need to migrate.
    3. When doing the above migration on more than 10 images at a time, the server times out.
    4. When uploading images, the timestamps and author names get changed.

    Granted, these are things they could probably easily fix.

    I think overall Cloudinary does most things really well. It is clearly a robust service that has lots of features and options. The problem really is the integration with WordPress – the plugin need some additional features.

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