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  • This plugin works and its been long supported. But the free features are confined to basic Brute Force protection.

    I thought it was a policy violation to list abilities in the WP Menu unless they are active in the plugin.

    Even if not the other options such as Passwordless, Two Factor, recatpcha and Security Settings tabs in the WP dash menu should be removed from an ethical point of view. You have a Go Pro tab for advertising these functions. Its disheartening to load the plugin, see the various admin tabs and then to discover they are almost all pro functions and useless on installation of the plugin from the codex.

    In the free version of the plugin some very basic functions in brute force that are missing:
    1) one cannot bulk select Failed Login attempts in order to blacklist them
    2) one cannot change the pagination from the 10 per page.
    3) one cannot export the failed login attempt ips.

    The first two make use of the brute force functions very tedious and time consuming, and the third would be handy as then I could export the ips to my .htaccess and block them so that they can never get to the site again.

    So I rate the plugin 3 stars. It would be 4 stars if at least the brute force settings were improved as suggested, and 5 if the free plugin had at least a few more basic features (such as renaming the login page for which there are many free plugins that offer this so why you are upcharging is a mystery) and it restrained from linking in the dash features that are not available in the installed version.

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    Thank you for taking time to provide a detailed feedback. We appreciate it.

    Regarding the brute force improvement in Free version:
    1. We do have an option to bulk select the logged IPs and blacklist them at once.
    2 and 3 We will add this soon.

    We will review the other recommendations internally and will make appropriate changes.

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    On the bulk select the only way to do it is to laboriously check the box beside each ip. I don’t see a bulk select option, only an option below the ips listed to blacklist all the individual ips checked. So if I have 7 pgs with 10 to a page it means I am having to check 70x. What I am requesting is a bulk select edit feature such as one has in WordPress for pages and posts. At the top of the list there is a checkbox which selects all the items in the list at once. And then I can blacklist them all.

    But even better is would be the ability to export all the failed login ips so I can put them in the .htaccess file. Some won’t go to that extent but its more efficient to prevent them from getting to the site in the first place.

    Thanks for accepting the feedback. I do hope you take action on the other points I raised as well…

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    Thanks for pointing we will add the checkbox to multi select the Failed IPs soon.

    The feature to export failed login IPs is ready and we will release the same soon.

    We appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve our software.

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