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  • Hey there,

    first of all, I absolutely like the concept of the plugin and I was delighted from the very beginning. However, it’s of not much use for my purposes, buggy as it is.

    First off, I run 2 bilingual blogs setup as a Multisite to keep content separate ( and

    Issues with posting:

    1. It in pulls in featured images other than the actual featured image of the post when posts are scheduled. This is most annoying, as they show in facebook, google and twitter with the wrong image, which means users have trouble to get their head around that, at best (making me look like an idiot worst)
    2. Tweets cannot be edited once the post has been published. This kind of makes sense, but then I perhaps want to reschedule and republish it, with an altered tweet
    3. My websites are occasionally offline for a short amount of time due to provider backup I suppose. This makes Jetpack loose connection to WordPress, which in turn breaks autoposting schedules

    Other issues:

    1. I absolutely like the share-daddy sharing icons, they’re convenient for me and all I need. But WHY are they inserted within the content area? That renders them almost unusable for theme alterations
    2. There are some more minor one’s, like posting to multiple accounts within a social network would be nice. The backend implies that this would be possible, in reality it isn’t or at least, it’s not siplayed that way. But I can live with these…

    Anyway, thanks for the plugin and all the work, hope this info helps to improve it.


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  • Plugin Contributor Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer


    For the issues with posting:
    1. Could you send me a couple of links to specific posts that failed?

    2. The ability to republish to social media is something on our radar, but can’t give a timeline for when/if it will be added.

    3. That would happen. To save you from having to create application accounts with each social media provider, autoposting happening through (e.g. your site posts to which passes it on to each social network). I would be curious on the nature of the downtime, seems to me that’s an issue that should be resolved by your provider since you shouldn’t have to go offline for a backup.

    The other issues:
    1. They’re added to the content area to be as compatible as possible with the widest number of themes. There isn’t a simple way to insert content into, say, the post meta, that is reliable.

    Alternatively, you can unhook the sharing icons from the_content and as long as they’re passed through a filter, you can add them elsewhere.

    They can be unhooked from the content and excerpt through:

    remove__filter( 'the_content', 'sharing_display', 19 );
    remove_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'sharing_display', 19 );

    An example of re-adding them that would work in the Genesis theme framework is here:
    The same idea can be used elsewhere.

    2. Facebook is the major one that this is hard with, a lot of is based on their setup (e.g. need to have a separate login to post to both a personal profile and a page).


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