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  1. kellymagyarics
    Posted 6 years ago #


    My site is kellymagyarics.com. I'm running the AIO plugin, and have verified my site with all the major SEs. I've been having all kinds of Google search problems with it. I changed the post format last week, and now a lot of my posts are unreachable. I am using a redirection, but Google webmaster keeps indexing more and more of them and listing them as unreachable. How long will it take for Google to index them and list the right links?

    Also, I have sidebars on the left and right sides--left side is recent posts, and right side is Twitter. Is there a way to make the text in those sidebars NOT come up in a Google search. It's pulling info from other posts and readers will get confused when they click on a link and it's not what they are expecting.

    Finally, I've done some searches for some posts, and instead of bringing the full text of a post, Google takes me to one of the pages on my site that has synopses of several posts. Why isn't a search returning just the full text of one particular post?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. jvinch
    Posted 6 years ago #

    It'll take Google a while - but if your redirection is done right, it shouldn't matter. Even if people would find you as example.com/post-url-old/ in Google, a correctly functioning redirect should resolve to example.com/post-url-new/

    Are you sure your redirect works as it should? Type the old URL in your browser and make sure it redirects to the new URL.

    Without examples of the searches that you say cause issues, it's hard to really understand what the issue is here.

  3. kellymagyarics
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thanks--sorry for being so vague.

    The redirects I have done seem to work, I guess I just need to keep up with them as Google indexes them, and hope that they'll get updated eventually to the right ones.

    Is there an easy way to globally change all my posts' names? I've been doing them one by one. I changed them from site/date/postname to site/postname.

  4. jvinch
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am not sure how you do them manually - WordPress lets you change permalinks under settings/permalinks.

    /archives/%postname%/ would resolve to /archives/this_is_the_post_name/

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