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  • I have several general, non-technical questions about MultiSite. I’ve seen tutorials and although they did a good job of explaining the set-up process, I’m even more confused about whether this is what I need and for some situations, what’s the point?

    I have three situations to ask about, two of which I really want to do.
    1) A sub-directory blog that looks exactly like my primary blog
    2) A sub-directory blog that looks completely different
    3) A new blog on a different domain

    #1. I wanted a “sub section” of my main blog only to write about one subject. Same exact look, same menu, same widgets, same everything except the posts from my main blog wouldn’t show up in my sub-blog and posts from sub-blog wouldn’t show up in my main blog. It sounds like multisite can help me maintain two separate blogs with one being a subdirectory of the other, but is there a way to make them automatically share the same theme, settings, plugins, menu items and more to make it appear to all be the same website? If not and I have to duplicate all the non-content elements myself, then wouldn’t it be easier to just use cPanel to autoinstall a totally new and separate blog on that subdirectory in the first place?

    #2. If I wanted a different look then most of my concerns from #1 wouldn’t even matter. But again, if it’s just a few minutes to auto install a new WordPress installation from cPanel anyway, then why should I bother setting up multisite? What’s the advantage?

    #3. I read that I can run a multisite blog on a different domain but I haven’t found those instructions. How does that one work? Do users need to log in at my domain to blog on their blog on a different domain?

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    #1 – yes you can have it look the same, but yes, it’s still *completely* separate. If it’s only two separate ones, then yeah, maybe multisite is not how you want to go. (I would cuz then I only upgrade once & use one instance of everything. remember this was designed for lots and lot fo blogs.

    #2 – like I said in #1. One upgrade to everything. One login. One set of plugins.

    #3 – with a plugin.
    If you;re setting up someone else on your system, you’d add them to your main site then assign them to that domain. Or, there’s a plugin they can be added to it directly. No biggee.

    You also may want to look up some of the archives at

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