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  • Several features that would be really usefull

    features wordpress should have

    Image options page with the following settings available

    Thumbnail size (currently this is hardcoded in, be usefull if it could be easily Changed)

    Max thumbnail creation size (currently wordpress will not create a thumbnail for pictures above a maximum size, this size is hardcoded in! Why this limit is necessary i dont know, I would like to be able to A set this size myself and B be able to choose to disable the limit)

    Image size and quality limits and resize (many of the authors on my site are not very techie and often insert huge high quality that break the theme and take adges to download. I would like to be able to limit these pictures to my specified hight, width and quality. I would also like it if when a user attemps to upload bigger images it resizes them to my specified size. And delete the orginal.

    features I would really like wordpress to have

    Image gallery page, a page where the thumbnails of all images that are uploaded through the wordpress image upload tool are displayed. This could be split up into groups depending on how many photos are on the site. Each thumbnail should link to a page where the full size image is displayed along with previous and next links, links to the post the image came from, any attachment titles discriptions ect, author name.

    the ability to put several photos aploaded by an author on that authors profile page, these could either link to the posts that those images came from or the attachment page for that image. the pictures could be random.

    If anyone know any plugins that achive these features let me know, but i still feel they would make usefull wordpress main features.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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