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    different in version 1.3.0.

    1) The date field does not allow 24H format.
    If I enter a numeric field and set the conditions minimum 5 characters and maximum 5 characters, it answers me with error even if the 5 characters have been entered.
    2) Redirect To does not work after sending despite being inserted in the general settings.
    3) The Hide Form After Submission does not work even after sending despite being inserted in the general settings.
    4) The enter key seems not to do its duty. Once pressed the email arrives to the recipient but whoever fills out the form does not notice that it has been sent! Big mistake!!

    I hope you solve it soon and it won’t take you back over a month!
    The forms placed on the sites cannot wait long!


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  • Plugin Contributor Md Easin



    Thanks for your message.

    1. 24H format has been added in the date field(Screenshot). You will get it our next release.

    For character length you have to put range of the characters like Min: 5 to Max: 10 characters. If you want to limit character maximum 5 then Min: 0 and max: 5. that’s the logic.

    Redirection, hide form is working fine on our end, just checked it and I am not clear about the enter key issues. So Since you are facing these problem, Could your please send us message with your form details to our helpdesk(help.wpmet.com). So that we can see your issue in the form and give you quick solutions.


    The 24H format has been added to the date field but does not work in the time field!

    In the NUMBER field the range of characters such as Min: 5 to Max: 5 characters does not work. If I want to enter a five digit number (12345) and not enter a 4 digit number by mistake (2179) I have to put this range that works perfectly in the text field but it doesn’t work in the number field!

    Come on .. a little effort that you are almost there!


    Plugin Contributor Md Easin


    24H format has been fixed for time. you will get it in our next update.

    Sorry to say that, you given logic is little bit different for our number field.

    The number field is different from others. Character length works different way for number field. Since it’s a number that’s why it will be a range of number. Example:
    If you set min value: 5 and max value: 10 that’s mean the number value should be between 5 to 10. you can put number 5 or 6 or 7 … upto 10(it’s not mapping character, just different numeric number value). I hope you have understood.

    If still has the issues, please contact to our helpdesk(help.wpmet.com) with your demo form, so that we can see it and give you better solutions.


    Hi Md Easin,

    look forward to the next update to check the plugin again.
    I note that since version 1.3.0 the length of the character works differently for the numeric field.
    I want to point out that in version 1.2.3 (you can try it if you want) the numeric field counted the digits exactly like the text field but with the numbers.
    The alternatives for the type validation of the number field is for character length and word length … (word for number?).
    Your example: If you set the minimum value: 5 and the maximum value: 10 it means that the numeric value must be between 5 and 10, it should be a validation type for number range (or min and max).
    I hope you understood.

    However if you have decided to change (compared to version 1.2.3) it is good to know!

    Lastly, I write here and not in your helpdesk (help.wpmet.com) because if other users find themselves with the same problems they can have public explanations without having to open another ticket.

    Thank you for your time.

    Plugin Contributor Md Easin


    We tell user to contact to our helpdesk because sometimes logic can be different in the user demo form. Since user can not share their live site and other details in public, that’s why we ask for to contact to our helpdesk with the details. So that we can see it and give a solution for it. I hope you have understood.

    Today you will get an update.


    The 24H time format works perfectly!

    In my view, in the NUMBER field, the range of characters should be understood as the minimum and maximum number of digits (example: if I want to create a numeric field for the CAP which is 5 digits, I would like users not to forget to enter some number). Again, it worked like this in version 1.2.3.
    But if you have decided otherwise it is okay.

    One last request, is there the remote possibility of adopting a system to export and import the created forms?

    Thanks for your work.

    Plugin Contributor Md Easin


    You can export and import form by using elementor default export and import system. Right now, you don’t own export and import system. Don’t worry we will work on it soon.

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