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  • Good morning,

    I’m Catalan so I can detect and report some non common issue, because we us accents and different special characters.

    1.- Error uploading images if the filename has accents: àáäâ èéëê ìíïî òóöô ùúïû and special chars: ç,$,·,”, €, $, *, #, |, ñ, ¿,!,¡, = …

    2.- If the title has the character · (we have the character “l·l”), the permalink is generated with this character so bad for google sitemaps.

    For example the title: “al·legoria de la música“ produces “…/2009/06/al·legoria-de-la-musica”
    must be “…/2009/06/al-legoria-de-la-musica”

    3.- I’m unable to add double line space or triple… (enter enter or in html

    produces a line following the other line).


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