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    I encounter several issues in the edition pages of forms lately (I don’t know since when, I had not edited a form in a while).
    In the behaviour tab, the text area is very small and cannot be enlarged, and the “Add form data” button in the success message text area does not work (I see the list of variables, but clicking on any of them does not do anything). Same in the mail notifications screen, body textarea.
    Finally, when I change screens or tabs (example : I edit a mail notification and try to go to the “Recipients” tab), I am left with a blank screen with only the footer (“Made with (L) by WPMU DEV”, the line of links and the social icons). I need to go to the form again and reopen it. As a result, some screens are not displayable anymore, like the recipients I just mentioned.
    I tried on two different macs, using Safari or Chrome, and I always get the same issues.
    My WP is up-to-date, and Forminator as well. PHP version is 7.3.16.

    Does anybody face similar issues ?


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  • Plugin Support Jonathan – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @venaert78

    I hope you are doing well!

    There is some sort of conflict going on on your end. Please run the following test:
    – Deactivate all plugins besides the Formiantor and see if teh issues are resolved
    – If the issues are still there, please switch to a default WordPress theme to test for a conflict with it
    – If all is well, start activating one plugin at a time, till the issue will be back.

    Please make sure to have a backup of your site before running this test, so if something will go wrong you can always restore your site.

    Let us know how it went!

    Kind regards,


    I found which plugin causes the issue, following the procedure you proposed. The plugin is WPDM Gutenberg Blocks, which is an additional plugin for WordPress Download Manager.

    Any idea how to resolve this conflict ?

    Plugin Support Jonathan – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @venaert78

    I trust you are doing well!

    Thank you for running this test. Please clarify, is the conflict happening with this plugin Gutenberg Blocks by WordPress Download Manager?

    I’ve installed this plugin on my site and when only WPDM and Formonator are active I can’t reproduce the issues you have mentioned.

    I could see the issue when both the WordPress Download Manager and the WPDM Gutenberg Blocks were enabled. I’ve forwarded this conflict to our developers so they could have a closer look at this issue.

    Thank you for letting us know!

    Have a good day and take care!


    Hello Nastia,

    I confirm this is the plugin with which I have the issue.
    When only WPDM is active, there is no problem. But as soon as the Gutenberg Blocks (…) plugin is active, there are issues with Forminator admin screens.

    Good day to you too, take care.


    Hi @venaert78

    The problem is definitely on WPDM Blocks side – all the script are included with admin_enqueue_scripts which means they are included on page in admin panel and not only in the editor. The easiest way would be to change this action to enqueue_block_editor_assets but because of how it’s constructed it’s not possible to do this without changing the plugin files.

    As a workaround I would advise to add this code to functions.php:
    add_action( ‘current_screen’, ‘wpdocs_this_screen’ );

    function wpdocs_this_screen() {
    	$current_screen = get_current_screen();
    	if ( strpos( $current_screen->id, 'forminator' ) !== false ) {
    		$scripts = array( 
    		foreach ( $scripts as $script ) {
    			wp_deregister_script( $script );

    On every Forminator page it will remove the JS scripts from WPDM Gutenberg Blocks.

    I’ll inform the plugin author about the bug and sent him how to solve this – maybe he’ll update his plugin.

    Hello @palmiak

    Thank you for the workaround proposed, but I am not able to make it work, the issue is still there. I may not apply it correctly though…
    Do I add all the code (the “add_action (…)” and “function wpdocs_this_screen() …”) to the functions.php ? Is it the functions.php file in the theme directory ?

    I small formatting bug and no edit button 🙂 – here is the correct version. Add this to you current theme functions.php file. I tested it right now and looks ok.

    Thank you @palmiak it works now 🙂

    Plugin Support Jonathan – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @venaert78

    I hope you are doing well!

    I see this issue is resolved for a while now so we’ve marked this ticket as it. If you do have any followup questions or require further assistance feel free to reopen it and let us know here.

    Kind regards,

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