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    several bugs in wp 5.2beta

    wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater :
    All mails are plaintext in WordPress. So, no use of htmlentities …
    line #334 use of …
    line #930 use of …

    Code consistency
    line #1557 replacement of BLOG_URL for BLOG_URLwp-login.php (ugly !)
    line #1677 same link replacement of LOGINLINK for wp_login_url()

    Replacement not necessary
    line #2419 ###EMAIL###

    Replacement not necessary
    line #3496 ###EMAIL###

    As long as worpress is sending text/plain mails there is no need to convert emojis
    line #232

    wp_staticize_emoji_for_email() is changing mail headers (Content-Type) without notice which is far beyond its purpose.
    line #5712

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  • the htmlentities where converted in my first message

    wp-admin/includes/class-wp-automatic-updater :
    All mails are plaintext in WordPress. So, no use of htmlentities …
    line #334 use of …
    line #930 use of &#8230

    ! last fix

    instead of ‘ … ‘ read ‘ … ‘

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    i think you got it

    & # 8 2 3 0 ;

    Apparently my list of bugs on privacy did not pass the filter !!!

    There are some (HUGE) functional incoherences on Privacy that are not really professional (as is always wordpress) :

    When a user creates an Export request, the zip file can be generated several times. but the first generation stands and the zip file is never updated … The requests (export even erase if exists) are not listed in the zip file …

    When a user creates an Erase request and goes to the end of the process (data deleted), the requests are not deleted and the zip file is still available (security and legal issue)

    After confirmation of an Export or Erase request, the message “WHEN THEY fulfill your request” or “WHEN THEY erase your data” is ambiguous and legally incorrect.

    You can have several Export requests for the same email … (if one failed, why another one would succeed ? lack of information for the admin)

    When the admin tries to (virtually) suicide by erasing his/her own data, WordPress replies all data have been suppressed, but the admin account is still alive ! (forbid suicide and avoid such action on admin email)

    Moderator Marius L. J.



    We’ve completely missed this post, as you mentioned it got picked up for the content in some way, which prevents notifications from reaching us.

    I had a look, and I’m afraid I don’t quite follow what the problems are, and your description doesn’t appear to match up with the content (or surrounding content) of the code on the lines mentioned, some of them also aren’t relating to changes implemented in WordPress 5.2, so perhaps that’s why I’m not seeing the new issues 🙂

    There’s also apparently multiple issues covered in many replies, it’s a bit hard to follow, if these are still concerns, please do feel free to create a ticket for it (, or new topics for the various areas you are seeing problems with.

    Keeping in mind that WordPress 5.2 is planned for release in a day or two.

    As the items I looked over in your initial report do not seem to be issues any more, I’m marking this as resolved, just so we can keep track of any new items coming in.

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