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  • Callum


    What is with the setup process all of a sudden for this plugin, feels like i’m booking a flight with a discount airline.

    So many upsell attempts and even once the setup process is complete it still nags Jetpack. And apparently, woocommerce only supports automatic taxes with Jetpack installed now? I assume thats just part of the hardcore upselling process now rather than actually true but atleast change the wording during the setup process so its somewhat honest.

    Just switched back from writing this review to the site setup only to find I can’t even dismiss the Jetpack advert. And having looked up what Woocommerce Services is, why is Woocommerce pushing Shipping Station in the checkout process, then pushing Woocommerce Services/Jetpack as well. Your essentially asking me to install two shipping label services, neither of which I want.

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  • Plugin Author Gerhard Potgieter


    Hi @aic_technologies, sorry to hear about your bad experience using our new setup wizard, we have actually built it and are improving it based on feedback from customers.

    The idea around it is to make it easier for a store owner to get up and running with their store based on options selected during the setup steps, we then present them with add-ons we think might be useful to them.

    Regarding the Jetpack requirement for services, that is there because it ensures we can easily authenticate requests for users without them having to go through a tedious manual setup process, take taxes as an example if you have Jetpack installed and connected to your account we can simply start serving tax rates for you, however if you choose another option you will likely first have to go sign up for an account somewhere else, copy over API details, install an additional plugin and then enter those details in that plugin before it will work.

    Hope you see where I am getting at with this? The setup wizard might not be for everyone and if that is your case then you have to option to skip it and continue setting up your store manually.

    Hopefully, this gives you some better insight into why the setup wizard is there and promoting certain products.

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