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    Hello all, first post and I’m positive it won’t be my last lol. I’ve been working with WordPress for over a year as a writer on a few sites, and recently decided to setup my own and give it a go. I purchased several domain names and set sites up from scratch with little problem, but am having a hard time installing a “site” I purchased from someone on my hosting.

    I was sent a backup .zip file and a sql database file and basically told to install them without much further direction. I had some issues with the nameserver and a few other things, got those worked out on my own but am still stuck on the actual install. I can get the site up, but it basically seems to install it as a new site although it loads unapproved/approved comments from his site but not his actual posts. The site itself looks nothing like it did on his end and as I’m missing content I know I’ve screwed up badly somewhere.

    I’ve done all I can think of as far as making sure to change the information in the setup file, etc.. I did import the database he gave me through myphpadmin, but get an error about wp_commentmeta and something about a duplicate entry ‘1’ for key 1. Godaddy hasn’t been a ton of help, nor the seller due to a bit of a language/logic barrier and the fact that I’ve never done this before lol. Any help would be appreciated, and I apologize if I got any of the terminology wrong still learning : )

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  • I’ve already read that, that’s the link he sent as well. I have followed the directions to the best of my abilities and it’s not working which is why I’m here. As mentioned I’m new to the terminology and process of things, but have successfully setup 6 WP sites from scratch on my server, I just can’t seem to install someone else’s work. As mentioned all I was given was a Zip file that contains a wordpress directory and what was on his site and an .sql file along with that link you just sent.

    Again, thanks for the link, but I’ve tried the parts that I believe apply to me and I can’t get anywhere with it. I’m still researching the issue(s) and hope to find a solution soon or i’m just going to have to shelve the project for a few weeks. Was planning on working on sites during a few off days, but the times almost up unfortunately.

    Close up the topic, got it fixed. I needed to dump the tables, reset the original info, and then reset my pass now it’s all good : )

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