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    In Drupal it is really easy to setup a custom URL. Let’s say, I want to create some custom functionality xyz (for example a very special contact page). I would just do some Drupal magic and then I could point my browser to /functionality_xyz and I would see the content of what I have specified in that function that gets called for this URL.

    Is there any way to do something like that in WordPress? So far I’ve only seen embed codes that would get embedded in a page.

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  • esmi


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    hm? Not sure how to understand this. Basically what you are saying: It’s not possible to create an URL that lives outside of a Post/Page?

    No, I don’t believe that you can. WordPress uses the content types to serve up it’s content, so everything has to be a content type in order to work.

    For what you’ve described, I’d suggest looking at shortcodes. These will let you insert any “custom” content and programming logic into a post or page where ever you want it to go. You can use it on any page, or multiple pages.

    + Page Templates and many more…

    thanks. That’s too bad, but then on the other hand it also adds some more flexibility. Guess have to get used to the wp mindset.

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