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  • Relatively new to WordPress but not afraid of coding. I’m working on setting up a site that I just needed some advice on how best to set it up. Ultimately, I’m trying to make a very small multi-vendor site whereby there are front-end forms where the vendors create their products. I have it setup as a membership site for the vendors so they pay to join, but there will be no other costs like commissions, etc. When a customer chooses their product, it would sell by PayPal Buy Now.

    The products themselves are one of a kind so there is only one of each, so I also need to be wary of making sure two people don’t buy it at the same time.

    Any suggestions about a strategy for doing this? I’ve looked at some of the things out there and they either don’t do want I want (or I don’t think they do, I could be wrong) or they seem to be complete overkill.

    Again, just looking for thoughts and suggestions.

    Thanks so much,

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    You principally need an ecommerce plugin for your WP site. There are a number of options, but WooCommerce is by far the most popular. It’s fairly flexible and extensible. It does provide for payment gateways and inventory so inventory of one is not a problem. It doesn’t support multiple vendors out of the box, but there could be an extension to provide for that.

    Once you’ve provided for your needs from existing modules available, you can always custom code anything else you need to fill in the gaps.

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