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    I’ve just downloaded and installed the latest version of the Personality Quiz and activated it (I’ve used this plugin without issue several times before by the way). I’ve gone into Form Settings but do not have the option for numeric or multiple choice quizzes. I don’t what could be causing this to happen. Have you experienced this before and do you have any idea how to fix the issue? Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author dabernathy89


    Can you confirm you’re on the latest versions of everything:

    GF 2.0.7
    Quiz Addon 1.1.0
    WordPress 4.6.*

    I’ve tested that combo and everything is working correctly for me. If you are on the most recent versions and still running into issues, try disabling other plugins (particularly GF plugins) to see if that helps. You can also install the ‘Query Monitor’ plugin to see if there are any PHP errors.

    – Daniel


    I have had the same problem, after deactivating/reactiviating the plugin I finally got it in the settings.

    I’ve create 2 select fields with values such as value_1{1}

    When I submit the form, {personality_quiz_result}, {personality_quiz_result_percent}, {personality_quiz_result_average} shows 0 and I’ve got a Division by zero warning on lines 329 and 336 of class-gravity-forms-personality-quiz-addon.php

    The checkboxes “Use for personality quiz score” are not present.

    GravityForms 2.1.1
    Gravity Forms Personality Quiz Add-On 1.1.0
    WordPress 4.7

    i just downloaded the add on and do not see the fields for “use for Personality Quiz Score” and “Shuffle answers.

    Plugin Author dabernathy89


    @zooeydog have you gone to the “Personality Quiz Add-On” section under the form’s “Settings” page? You must select a quiz type there before you can see those options on the form fields.

    @sushicodeur same question as above. if you continue to not see the options, please try deactivating other plugins to see if they could be interfering. you can also install a plugin called Query Monitor which will inform you if there are any errors happening on the back end which could be interfering.

    I did do that and it’s still not showing. This is what i see.

    I am not getting the tabs that say Form Edit. If I click Edit, it leaves the Personality Quiz add on.

    Plugin Author dabernathy89


    @zooeydog I’m not able to view that screenshot, it looks like a path to a file on your computer rather than a URL.

    Do you have any other Gravity Forms related plugins installed? If so, please try deactivating those to see if they could be causing a conflict.

    Plugin Author dabernathy89


    That looks correct. So then when you edit the form, you still do not see any quiz options on radio/checkbox fields?

    Got it! I was not going to quiz option on radio/checkbox fields. That part wasn’t clear in the instructions.

    Thank you!!

    Plugin Author dabernathy89


    Glad you got it working!

    @sushicodeur – please let me know if this addresses the issue for you as well.

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