• hi,

    is this a common issue? on one wp installation with the 4.4.3 plugin i can’t access the Google Analytics settings page anymore, i just get the left side and top wordpress admin bars, the title “Google Analytics for WordPress Configuration” and the rest of the page is just blank/empty/nada.

    it used to work some time ago, but i haven’t had to change the settings for ages, but now i need to but can’t… please help!


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  • Hello,

    same thing ..
    4.4.3 … and the Header is listed .. nothing else .. page is empty

    I used WordPress 3.8

    Try reverting to 4.2.8. You can find it it the developers section (tab) for the plugin.

    yes, with version 4.2.8 installed I can access the settings page again, thx karenratte!

    so i just activate the needed “anonymize ip” option, update to the latest version and hope this will be fixed someday, or i’ll have to revert again when i need to change anything else…

    I’m also having this issue, my settings page is completely blank.

    Maybe this can help you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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