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    After installing the plugin, I noticed the settings page shows a blank box on 1 installation of WP, while another installation on the same host shows the settings page(options) just fine. I tried a 3rd WP site on a different host and experienced several rows (More than 20) of blank boxes for the options page. All installations are running the latest version of WordPress 3.5.2 and I’ve tried disabling other plugins, etc. Any ideas on what could be causing the issue?

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  • Plugin Author Jorge Silva-Jetter


    It’s a bit hard for me to test all this, since I can’t replicate the problem.

    I think what’s going on is that the sssetings.php file (which contains all the settings) is not loading up correctly. Two ways to finding out if this is true or not is:

    1. Go to View Source on your page and make sure that all your options are listed there:

    cycleGallery[index] = jQuery(“#galleryid-” + galleryId).cycle({

    … and make sure that all options are there (about 20).

    2. You can also go into jsjSlideShow.php and after line 30 add: var_dump($options);

    This should display all the options. If it doesn’t there’s a problem.

    If it doesn’t show all options, there’s probably a permissions problems where PHP is not being allowed to read the settings file (sssettings.php).

    Let Me Know



    1. Viewing source doesn’t give the options.
    2. I added the line var_dump($options) which did show a bunch of code on the settings page for the plugin in the header of the page which seems like all the options.

    Any ideas what permissions to check to ensure php can read the settings file? The file permissions on sssetings.pho are -rw-r–r– which seems to be same for most other files.


    Plugin Author Jorge Silva-Jetter


    Could you please include a copy/paste or screenshot of those two. Just so I can see what’s going on…

    Let’s try this:

    1. For all 3 functions that use $options (jsj_gallery_register_mysettings, jsj_gallery_optionPage, jsj_slide_add_init_function), write the following:

    echo (“Function Name: ” . NAME_OF_THE_FUNCTION);

    Basically, we’re trying to see if each function is reading the $options array.

    2. Also, can you copy/paste the code for the html in the back-end (the blocks), just to see what it’s outputting.

    If when you call var_dump($options); you are getting all the options, then I’m guessing it’s not a permissions problem, but rather a variable scope problem. Just a guess at this point.


    This is definitely a pretty big bug. I imagine this will require a new version of the plugin in the future.



    Viewing Source on the settings page for the plugin gives this.

    <div class='update-nag'><a href="">WordPress 3.6</a> is available! <a href="">Please update now</a>.</div>		<div id="" class="wrap jsj_gallery">
    			div.wrap.jsj_gallery {
    				max-width: 1100px;
    			p.jsj_gallery {
    				max-width: 600px;
    			ul.jsj_gallery {
    				display: block;
    			ul.jsj_gallery li.jsj_gallery {
    				display: inline-block;
    				width: 200px;
    				height: 200px;
    				border: solid 1px #ccc;
    				padding: 10px;
    				margin: 0px;
    				float: left;
    			ul.jsj_gallery li.jsj_gallery.important {
    				background-color: #ccffcc;
    			<h2 class="jsj_gallery">JSJ Gallery Slideshow</h2>
    			<p class="jsj_gallery">These are some of the settings you can change for your gallery. This plugin is based in <a href="">Jquery Cycle</a> and the options are taken from Jquery Cycle's <a href="">options page</a>. The visual feel of the gallery is based on <a href="">Cargo's slideshow settings</a>. You can see an example of this plugin in action in my website: <a href=""></a>.<br/><br/><span style="background-color: #ccffcc;">Settings with a Green Background</span> denote settings that are probably more imoprtant.</p>
    			<form method="post" action="options.php" class="jsj_gallery">
    				<input type='hidden' name='option_page' value='jsj_gallery-settings-group' /><input type="hidden" name="action" value="update" /><input type="hidden" id="_wpnonce" name="_wpnonce" value="6383cadacf" /><input type="hidden" name="_wp_http_referer" value="/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=jsj_gallery" />								<ul class="jsj_gallery">
    										<li class="jsj_gallery ">
    						<h4 class="jsj_gallery"></h4>
    						<p class="jsj_gallery"></p>
    													<input class="jsj_gallery" type="" name="" value="" />
    				<div style="clear:both"></div>
    				<p>If pleased with your settings, go ahead and save them!</p>
    				<p class="submit"><input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" class="button button-primary" value="Save Changes"  /></p>			</form>
    			<h3>Swith To Default Settings</h3>
    			<p>Clear all your settings and swith to the original plugin settings.</p>
    			<form name="jsj_gallery_default" method="post" action="/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=jsj_gallery">
                    <input type="hidden" name="switch_default" value="1">
                    <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Revert Default Settings" />
    <div class="clear"></div></div><!-- wpbody-content -->
    <div class="clear"></div></div><!-- wpbody -->
    <div class="clear"></div></div><!-- wpcontent -->

    A var dump on line 30 of the jsjSlideShow.php file shows the following in the header of the page.

    array(26) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#436 (7) { ["name"]=> string(16) "activePagerClass" ["title"]=> string(18) "Active Pager Class" ["descp"]=> string(56) "Class name used for the active pager element. No Spaces!" ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(25) "activeSlide_gallery_cycle" } [1]=> object(stdClass)#435 (7) { ["name"]=> string(8) "autostop" ["title"]=> string(9) "Auto Stop" ["descp"]=> string(67) "True to end slideshow after X transitions (where X == slide count) " ["type"]=> string(6) "number" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [2]=> object(stdClass)#434 (7) { ["name"]=> string(13) "autostopCount" ["title"]=> string(15) "Auto Stop Count" ["descp"]=> string(66) "number of transitions (optionally used with autostop to define X) " ["type"]=> string(6) "number" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [3]=> object(stdClass)#433 (7) { ["name"]=> string(9) "backwards" ["title"]=> string(15) "Start Backwards" ["descp"]=> string(74) "true to start slideshow at last slide and move backwards through the stack" ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(4) "true" [1]=> string(5) "false" } ["default"]=> string(5) "false" } [4]=> object(stdClass)#432 (7) { ["name"]=> string(13) "cleartypeNoBg" ["title"]=> string(24) "Clear Type No Background" ["descp"]=> string(104) "Set to true to disable extra cleartype fixing (leave false to force background color setting on slides) " ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(4) "true" [1]=> string(5) "false" } ["default"]=> string(5) "false" } [5]=> object(stdClass)#431 (7) { ["name"]=> string(15) "containerResize" ["title"]=> string(16) "Container Resize" ["descp"]=> string(56) "Resize container to fit largest slide. 0:False / 1: True" ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "1" } [6]=> object(stdClass)#430 (7) { ["name"]=> string(5) "delay" ["title"]=> string(5) "Delay" ["descp"]=> string(70) "Additional delay (in ms) for first transition (hint: can be negative)." ["type"]=> string(6) "number" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [7]=> object(stdClass)#429 (7) { ["name"]=> string(11) "fastOnEvent" ["title"]=> string(12) "FastOn Event" ["descp"]=> string(93) "Force fast transitions when triggered manually (via pager or prev/next); value == time in ms." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [8]=> object(stdClass)#428 (7) { ["name"]=> string(3) "fit" ["title"]=> string(10) "Fit Slides" ["descp"]=> string(30) "Force slides to fit container." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [9]=> object(stdClass)#427 (7) { ["name"]=> string(2) "fx" ["title"]=> string(17) "Transition Effect" ["descp"]=> string(26) "Name of transition effect." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> array(27) { [0]=> string(6) "blindX" [1]=> string(6) "blindY" [2]=> string(6) "blindZ" [3]=> string(5) "cover" [4]=> string(8) "curtainX" [5]=> string(8) "curtainY" [6]=> string(4) "fade" [7]=> string(8) "fadeZoom" [8]=> string(5) "growX" [9]=> string(5) "growY" [10]=> string(8) "scrollUp" [11]=> string(10) "scrollDown" [12]=> string(10) "scrollLeft" [13]=> string(11) "scrollRight" [14]=> string(10) "scrollHorz" [15]=> string(10) "scrollVert" [16]=> string(7) "shuffle" [17]=> string(6) "slideX" [18]=> string(6) "slideY" [19]=> string(4) "toss" [20]=> string(6) "turnUp" [21]=> string(8) "turnDown" [22]=> string(8) "turnLeft" [23]=> string(9) "turnRight" [24]=> string(7) "uncover" [25]=> string(4) "wipe" [26]=> string(4) "zoom" } ["default"]=> string(4) "fade" } [10]=> object(stdClass)#426 (7) { ["name"]=> string(6) "height" ["title"]=> string(12) "Slide Height" ["descp"]=> string(94) "Container height (if the 'fit' option is true, the slides will be set to this height as well)." ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(4) "auto" } [11]=> object(stdClass)#425 (7) { ["name"]=> string(11) "manualTrump" ["title"]=> string(12) "Manual Trump" ["descp"]=> string(79) "Causes manual transition to stop an active transition instead of being ignored." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(4) "true" [1]=> string(5) "false" } ["default"]=> string(4) "true" } [12]=> object(stdClass)#424 (7) { ["name"]=> string(8) "metaAttr" ["title"]=> string(14) "Data Attribute" ["descp"]=> string(61) "data- attribute that holds the option data for the slideshow." ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(5) "cycle" } [13]=> object(stdClass)#423 (7) { ["name"]=> string(6) "nowrap" ["title"]=> string(11) "No Wrapping" ["descp"]=> string(43) "True(1) to prevent slideshow from wrapping." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [14]=> object(stdClass)#422 (7) { ["name"]=> string(5) "pause" ["title"]=> string(14) "Pause Slidehow" ["descp"]=> string(35) "True(1) to enable "pause on hover"." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [15]=> object(stdClass)#421 (7) { ["name"]=> string(17) "pauseOnPagerHover" ["title"]=> string(20) "Pause On Pager Hover" ["descp"]=> string(47) "True(1) to pause when hovering over pager link." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [16]=> object(stdClass)#420 (7) { ["name"]=> string(6) "random" ["title"]=> string(13) "Random Slides" ["descp"]=> string(70) "True(1) for random, false for sequence (not applicable to shuffle fx)." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [17]=> object(stdClass)#419 (7) { ["name"]=> string(23) "requeueOnImageNotLoaded" ["title"]=> string(24) "Requeue OnImageNotLoaded" ["descp"]=> string(62) "Requeue the slideshow if any image slides are not yet loaded ." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(4) "true" [1]=> string(5) "false" } ["default"]=> string(4) "true" } [18]=> object(stdClass)#418 (7) { ["name"]=> string(14) "requeueTimeout" ["title"]=> string(15) "Requeue Timeout" ["descp"]=> string(21) "Ms delay for requeue." ["type"]=> string(6) "number" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(3) "250" } [19]=> object(stdClass)#417 (7) { ["name"]=> string(3) "rev" ["title"]=> string(17) "Reverse Animation" ["descp"]=> string(111) "Causes animations to transition in reverse (for effects that support it such as scrollHorz/scrollVert/shuffle)." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [20]=> object(stdClass)#416 (7) { ["name"]=> string(11) "slideResize" ["title"]=> string(12) "Slide Resize" ["descp"]=> string(64) "Force slide width/height to fixed size before every transition)." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "1" } [21]=> object(stdClass)#415 (7) { ["name"]=> string(5) "speed" ["title"]=> string(5) "Speed" ["descp"]=> string(52) "speed of the transition (any valid fx speed value) ." ["type"]=> string(6) "number" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(4) "1000" } [22]=> object(stdClass)#414 (7) { ["name"]=> string(13) "startingSlide" ["title"]=> string(16) "Starting Slide #" ["descp"]=> string(52) "Zero-based index of the first slide to be displayed." ["type"]=> string(6) "number" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(1) "0" } [23]=> object(stdClass)#413 (7) { ["name"]=> string(4) "sync" ["title"]=> string(18) "Synchronize Slides" ["descp"]=> string(55) "True if in/out transitions should occur simultaneously." ["type"]=> string(6) "select" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(1) "0" [1]=> string(1) "1" } ["default"]=> string(1) "1" } [24]=> object(stdClass)#412 (7) { ["name"]=> string(7) "timeout" ["title"]=> string(15) "Transition Time" ["descp"]=> string(84) "Milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance)." ["type"]=> string(6) "number" ["class"]=> string(9) "important" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(4) "4000" } [25]=> object(stdClass)#411 (7) { ["name"]=> string(5) "width" ["title"]=> string(5) "Width" ["descp"]=> string(93) "Container width (if the 'fit' option is true, the slides will be set to this width as well) ." ["type"]=> string(4) "text" ["class"]=> string(0) "" ["parameters"]=> string(0) "" ["default"]=> string(4) "null" } }
    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/users/sma/html/wp-content/plugins/jsj-gallery-slideshow/jsjSlideShow.php:32) in /home/users/sma/html/wp-content/plugins/bwp-recaptcha/includes/class-bwp-recaptcha.php on line 170
    Plugin Author Jorge Silva-Jetter


    Sorry, for the late response. I never got an email about this.

    I’m thinking that it might be something as simple as a badly named variable; In this case, $options. I went ahead and changed that a long with a couple of other things into the plugin.

    Let me know if that works.



    Works now! Thanks a lot.

    Plugin Author Jorge Silva-Jetter


    Excellent! Marking as resolved.

    If you like the plugin, please review it!

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