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    I’m not able to understand or find documentation about the Font Awesome Settings:
    Only if available and if it has “font-awesome” in the url:
    a) Merge or Inline Font Awesome CSS [ Depends on if you have the Inline CSS option enabled or not ]
    b) Async Font Awesome CSS file [ Will use preload with LoadCSS polyfill ]
    c) Async and exclude Font Awesome CSS from PSI [ Will use JavaScript to load the fonts conditionally ]

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  • Plugin Author Raul P.


    Please note that FVM is catered for advanced users and developers.
    If you are not sure about the options, I suggest leaving the default options on, or testing the other options on a staging/clone version of your live site.

    There are a lot of options to solve conflicts and other issues, but for that one, I think it’s quite explanatory.

    PLugins or your theme, may be loading font-awesome.
    And if it does, it will probably be in the format of some file named font-awesome.css
    Font-awesome files are generally big files, but are not critical to the styling of the page. Therefore, we can make them load async with lower priority to prevent the render blocking message on pagespeed insights, at the same time we reduce the size of the main CSS file.

    So, if any of your plugins include a font awesome css file, where it’s url includes “font-awesome” (and only if), you have 3 ways of processing it.

    a) default, will either inline or merge it together, depending on the other css options.

    b) will load it on lower priority. Icons will show up later, after page load… but you need to see if it works. Multiple plugins may be enqueueing their own font-awesome files of different versions, so this may not work as intended.

    c) same as b) but will exclude this file from loading to the pagespeed insights tool, since it’s not in the critical path.

    In doubt, choose a) or leave the defaults.
    Hiring a developer will also be good if you want to make full use of the plugin, as he will understand what this means.

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    Very kind to respond in such an extensive way. Indeed I use a theme with font-awesome. I’ trying to optimize and speed up the website. Also by using Fast Velocity Minify and actions like JPG and SVG optimize, Plugin de-installations I already was able to avoid much.
    The Theme uses 5 of font-awesome icons. Also on the website about 6 social and other icons will be customizly used.
    So I will now try to figure out if with I can create much smaller files to use instead of the standard font-awesome files included in the theme. Need to figure out how to disable the file assets from a child theme and load the smaller one. While I’m not a PHP developer I’m hopeful I can change and edit the necessary code.
    Thanks again for your plugin which is very needed and should be a WP core option at least with some basic features.

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