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  • Ov3rfly


    With WordPress 4.9.16 and all plugin versions from 2.0.0 upto 2.0.2 the settings page is empty and two script errors are shown in browser console:

    ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined ... simple-301-redirects.core.min.js:2:98147
    Uncaught ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined ... simple-301-redirects.core.min.js:2:161711

    Rollback to plugin version 1.07 solves the problem, settings are visible again.

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  • Plugin Support rafinkhan


    Hi @ov3rfly,

    It’s happening since you are using a very backdated WordPress version. It works fine in WordPress 5.0+.

    Anyways, we will still look into this and hopefully fix it as well soon.

    Regardless, we would still highly encourage you to update your WordPress version since popular plugins are moving away from providing support for WordPress <5.0

    Thank you!

    Thread Starter Ov3rfly


    Thanks for quick feedback and for looking into it.

    Compatibility of plugin is set to “WordPress 4.0 or higher” so I expected it to work with WordPress 4.9.x.

    Current latest release in 4.9.x branch is 4.9.17 from April 15, 2021 (today).

    Plugin Author M Asif Rahman


    @rafinkhan let’s updated the supported version to 5.0 if that’s what we support now. @ov3rfly WordPress 4.9 is released in the year 2017, so 4 years ago, yes the core still release a patch for those versions, but only for security release. Tons of things have improved so much since WordPress 5.0, it will be highly recommended to keep your WordPress always updated. For some very old site, sometimes we are afraid to update because we fear about breaking the site with compatibility with other plugins and themes. So, from our side, we just want to ensure this plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and we encourage you to always stay in the latest, as best practice to stay safe.

    Thread Starter Ov3rfly


    Thanks for quick feedback. The sites in question will stay at 1.07 then or use simple .htaccess snippets instead.

    These old clients want to stay at their well working 4.9.x sites instead of spending tons of money on fast moving target 5.x, they prefer a stable platform.

    A fancy editor with block editing or site editing is out of their scope, they don’t want and don’t need all this, 4.9.x will be their last WordPress version.

    Plugin Support rafinkhan


    Hi @ov3rfly,

    I can understand what you are saying but still it could lead to security vulnerabilities for your website. And, since you are worried about Gutenberg, you can simply just install the ‘Classic Editor’ plugin and your editor will be same as before so your clients won’t even realize massive changes.

    And, like @asif2bd suggested, we are going to update our supported WordPress version to 5.0 as all the major plugins are doing for obvious reasons mentioned before.

    So, I hope you take this the right way and fully understand it.

    Thank you for your patience and feedback. Have a nice day!

    Thread Starter Ov3rfly


    WordPress 4.9.17 is as secure as latest WordPress 5.7.1

    FYI, currently not even 1/3 of all installations in stats API is on latest branch.

    We have dropped your plugin now almost everywhere in favour of some .htaccess snippets to rule out any security problems from there. The redirects mostly did not change since years anyway.

    Those clients don’t want or need any major updates to their CMS or workflows. They also do not want to spend big money again and again to continuously fix all the things which break due to those rapid 5.x release cycles.

    They wanted a stable platform with low technical support costs and no continuous learning requirements when they decided for WordPress. WordPress does not provide this any more.

    “Classic Editor” plugin is only a temporary workaround to sort of hide all the things behind the curtain for a while.

    As explained, WordPress 4.9.x branch is their last WordPress version ever. Any relaunch or rework of website will be with some other CMS.

    Thanks for your plugin, we liked it many years.

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