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  • every times it happens i think me, myself have done something that cause plugin resets to reset default settings . but this time i am sure becuase outbreak i dont even opened my site dashboard but i found out that every changes made to plugin have been reset to default and images hosting in jpg format not webp . i find out this cause really bad seo problems too . is there a way to prevent this happening again?

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  • Did you recently updated from WordPress 4.x to 5.x?

    I got the same issue after updated to 5.x on one of my websites.

    Settings reset after a few hours (I can’t messure the time exactly and what triggers the reset)

    For now I have uninstalled the plugin and cleared as much of it’s settings as I can (for my knowlege) from both htaccess (leftovers) and phpmyadmin.

    There was a bug in previous versions that the author fixed in the latest release that maybe related to this problem.

    Part from the changelog
    = 0.17.3 =
    *(released: 3 Feb 2020)*

    * Fixed critical bug: Fatal error after updating plugin (if one had been postponing updating WebP Express for a while and then updated WordPress and THEN updated WebP Express)

    I now wait for the next release to test again.

    Facing the same issue!

    Operation mode is automatically switching to ‘Varied image responses’, in spite of selecting ‘CDN friendly’ mode.

    Unfortunately the author is not participating in the support forums the last month or more… I hope he is ok and continuous to support this plugin.
    I am already thinking to move to ewww image optimizer but waiting for some update because I had a very good experience until now.

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    thank you for answers . so we can say plugin has a serius problem and author is not here for any answer

    Yes and here is the first thread with the problem.

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    I tried the Tweaked mode, and so far it seems to be working. The WebP image is being served. Will see whether it resets to the default mode by tomorrow and update.

    It’s been more than 24 hours, and I can confirm that the tweaked mode is still rendering WebP images.

    Don’t seem to be working again!
    Has automatically switched back to the default ‘Varied image responses’ mode.

    Can you please share more info from your installations?

    WordPress version for example, if you use a locale installation or the default english, did you recently upgrade from WordPress 4.x?

    Server configuration Nginx – Apache – Litespeed ? Or any other info you could think that will help to find what triggers the settings reset.

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    currently wordpress 5.4
    no i upgraded to wordpress 5 a year ago
    my server i think apache

    I am also on apache server.



    Version 5.4 here on apache and having the same issue. As a temporary fix, I am changing the default options loaded when it can’t load the configuration JSON file. Will let everyone know if it changes again or if it keeps working as usual after that. If the author gave up on this project, does anybody know the process of taking it over or forking it? I would be glad to support and improve this plugin (or others).

    Having the same problem here, using “CDN Friendly” mode but every 4/5 days it changes to “Varied image responses”, hope the author can add some light here, I really like this plugin

    For now reverting to version 0.17.2 seems to be the only fix!

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    My problem is I’m using php 7.4 and the 0.17.2 crashes with this php version, updating fixes it but then there’s the other problem

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